Losing Attraction To Husband: I Am No Longer In Love With My Husband

When a woman starts to feel as though she's falling out of love with her husband, it's a difficult situation. It's even more challenging if she wants to save the relationship. It's emotional torture to remain in a marriage where you don't feel a deep, unwavering connection with your spouse. Any woman who finds herself facing this can take heart though. You don't have to face a loveless future with the man you married. In fact, you can reclaim the love you once felt for him and have an even more fulfilling marriage than you ever dreamt.

If you've ever thought to yourself that I'm falling out of love with my husband you need to take stock of the dynamic of the relationship in general. Consider how things have changed since you two married. Do you feel that your husband has started taking you for granted? Do you resent him for things he has done? If you are experiencing any of these things, that will impact how you feel about him. Therefore, the first step to saving your marriage has to be to address those issues. You need to sit down with your husband and share how you are feeling. Be honest and open about whether you feel taken for granted, if you are angry with him over something or if you resent him. He likely doesn't know the depth of these feelings and you can't work on resolving them until he does.

You also need to start seeing your husband in a more positive light. It's so easy to fall into a negativity trap when you are married for some time. Perhaps you've taken to dwelling on the things about your husband you find least appealing. If this is the case, it's going to be hard to stay in love with him. Make a concerted effort to only see him in a positive way. Focus on the aspects of his personality that you love. Embrace the things he does that help you. Let him know how much you appreciate those things about him. If you can do this you'll notice that you'll start to see the man you married in him again and that will help you feel closer to him emotionally.

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Like in anything, there is always a cycle and marriage is no different. It first starts out by falling in love, and then getting to know each other, then the final phase of getting married. The traditional vows made in the church in the presence of the community in a marriage ceremony are the promises made to each other by two people who go into a commitment of love and trust. When the marriage is in trouble divorce is not the only answer out there, neither is it the light at the end of the tunnel. Divorce is the cowardly way out for those who do not like thinking on saving the marriage; however, in times of violence, divorce may just be the right answer.

Isn't it rather ironic that divorce be considered as the answer and yet not the answer? The thing about divorce is that the laws have made it so easy for couples to just give up and get out of a relationship that could be saved, but when it comes to a violent relationship, divorce seems to be the right answer.

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The only way to know if the marriage is worth saving is when you ask the real questions that mean something about your own marriage.

- Is the marriage a violent one?

- Is the distrust set in too deep because of activities outside of the marriage like drugs, betrayal, or even extra-marital affairs?

- Is it even a real marriage with the presence of the partner or have you been abandoned to fend for yourself and your children, if there are any?

These are just some of the most pertinent questions to ask you. If any of the three's answers are a solid 'yes' then there is logic to thinking about divorce. But what if the answer is not a 'yes,' what do you do?

To find out if you are in a logical frame of mind it is perfectly fine to ask the objective opinion of someone who does not know either of you. If you ask the opinion of a friend or acquaintance there is always the danger of bias. The parish priest or the minister are good people to ask, just make sure that you talk to someone whose church you do not belong to, to keep it as objective as possible. These people, along with marriage counsellors, always offer the best help and they are a good shoulder to cry on. If you don't ask someone to help you, no one would know that you are asking at all.

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It is sad that divorce is often seen as the easy way out. People work so hard to build their marriage and family, but spend such a small amount of time to save it. There are so many different things you can do to save your marriage and prevent a divorce from occurring. Here are some steps you can begin taking to do just that.

1. Reconnect With Your Partner: You have to become creative if you want to reconnect with your partner. Grab their attention and show them how much your marriage means to you. This might mean you will have to rebuild your marriage, but the payoff will be worth it. Try surprising them with a romantic dinner, a bouquet of roses, or anything they will find special.

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2. Take Action: Set goals for your marriage and take action towards them. Do not sit around and wait for a miracle to rescue your marriage. This will not solve anything and your situation will eventually get worse. Don't be afraid to get involved and get your hands dirty. You are going to have to dig deep inside yourself and attack these problems head on.

3. Allow Things To Cool Down: Allowing the tension in your marriage to cool down is a great strategy. This will give you and your spouse a chance to think through your relationship clearly. Allowing your situation to cool down will also give you time to think of a plan.

If you love your partner it won't matter how you save your marriage, as long as you save it. Take the proper steps and stay focused on your goals. Once you have gained your partner's love again everything else will come naturally.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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What men want is a woman who's strong. This is something that you'll never hear about or read about in any women's magazine. That's because those magazines are predominantly written by females. This is something that all husbands want in their wives, it's just that they don't know it. I've come to realize it over time; I know that my life would be a lot harder if my wife wasn't as strong as she was. Here are the 3 kinds of strength that's important in a wife (my wife isn't strong enough yet).

1. Physical strength

This isn't so that she can hit me harder when I'm being disobedient. This refers to stamina, so that she can be a good mother. If she has the strength to go to work and come back, cook with me and spend time with our daughter, she's very fit, even though she might not appear that way.

I've got a secret to share with you. I'd much prefer to see her tired than to see her lazing around. If she's tired, I know she's putting the effort into the relationship. Sound selfish of me? I'm only thinking about our daughter.

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2. Mental strength

This is more important that physical strength to me. I find that my wife isn't too strong in this area. Sometimes when she's busy, she can't handle too many tasks at the same time. As good a multi-tasker as she is, she can only do so much.

Not that I'm asking a lot out of her, it's just that it's important for her to be aware, for her own safety. If she's driving home and slips for just a moment, that could be the end. I try to help her mentally relax by distracting her with silly topics of conversation when we both get home from work.

3. Emotional Strength

This is the most important strength of all. Without this strength, our family wouldn't exist. It's no surprise that women are the fairer sex. Women's decision making ability tends to be less and less flawed the older they get. Throw in a baby and suddenly they start thinking very rationally.

They don't react as negatively when men do something that annoys them and they learn to be patient if their child is throwing a tantrum.

If the woman isn't emotionally strong, she'd be tearing up at every little problem and most likely throwing tantrums herself.

We need women to be strong. If you are strong physically, mentally and emotionally, we'll love you unconditionally.

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