My Husband Told Me I Need To Lose Weight: My Husband Wants Me To Lose Weight

Lots and lots of people are in relationships were both parties need to lose a bit of weight. If you fit into this category then why not make your weight loss a team effort and start losing it together. I know a lot of you women out there are saying to yourselves now. There's no way I'm letting my boyfriend or husband know what I weigh. I know even for men telling someone their weight can be a very touchy subject. But it is really time to bite the bullet and have your weigh In's together.

The best day to start your diet and exercise program together is a Friday. Why Friday you may be asking me now. Well for the majority of people it's the one day of the week were you can have the longest stretch of days without straying from your diet plan. The weekends are were most people stray and eat that odd piece of pizza or order a takeaway meal which are laden in calories. By weighing yourself every Friday you are giving yourself the best chance of losing weight each week.

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Guess what happens when a person doesn't see the scales going down, they quit and say to themselves I just can't do this. Yes you can if you put your mind to it. Losing weight with your partner also makes it a bit more fun and you have got each other to support you. You could also make up some weight loss rewards for the person who loses the most weight. It's best to judge each persons weight loss as a percentage of total weight lost. For example if the person loses 2 pounds and they weigh 200 pounds they have lost as a percentage 1 percent of their total body weight.

Because women require less calories than men its best that you cook the meals together, but always make sure the women gets a smaller portion on there plate. You need to work out how many calories you need each day, then subtract 500 calories from this amount and aim to eat this amount of calories per day. You also want to be burning off around 500 calories each day through exercise, this isn't a lot and as you lose weight and get fitter you will be able to burn this off at a much quicker rate. So what are you waiting for start losing weight with your partner now.

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When we enter into marriage we take vows to love, honour and cherish the special person that we are deciding to spend the rest of our lives with. The wedding day is infused with love and hope for the newly married couples future. For many this love and hope continues throughout their relationship for others difficult times ensue and divorce / separation can proceed. This can be a hurtful and painful process for both parties on many levels including emotionally, mentally and also financially.

As divorce statistics rise it is time for society as a whole and couples themselves to re-evaluate their situations before diving into the realms of divorce/separation. Counselling or marriage guidance can be sort so that couples have a third person who is able to intervene but fundamentally changes and decisions must come from the individuals themselves.

Couples should research the psychology of the other sex as this can be mind-blowing. We all know that men and women think differently but within a marriage those differences can be a significant stumbling block. Neither couple need to be able to write a thesis at the end of their research or be able to sit a diploma in psychology, but a simple understanding of how the other one works may well prove to be invaluable.

Couples often complain that "all they do is argue". This may be the case however couples must identify the real reasons for those differences and whether they are fundamentally different in their principles and morals or is it that they simply differ because they are male and female.

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Sadly many of us find ourselves on the path to divorce or living separated from the person we love. Some find it easy to break the bonds of marriage whilst others feel that the marriage vows are not only sacred but when they were proclaimed to their spouse they where honest and truthful words that meant a commitment for a lifetime.

If you speak to anyone who has been married for a significant length of time they will tell you that there are highs and lows and throughout a marriage you fall in and out of love with your spouse many times. Bearing this in mind marriage should be fought for, it should be cherished by both parties and mistakes that are made by one or both parties should be discussed and forgiveness and acceptance should be paramount.

No matter what the issues of a marriage breakdown remember that it cannot be replaced. Precious time and love that was involved in the marriage will be lost forever and memories will eventually fade. Rather than take the negative approach try a positive one. Marriage does not have to be hard it can be as easy as one wishes and fun and excitement can blossom into fulfilment and contentment. Remember the highs not the lows. Remember the person you first fell in love with and how your heart beat out of your chest at the simplest of thoughts of them. Nobody can say that reconciling a marriage is simple straightforward and painless but it is much less hurtful than separation and divorce. Don't throw a marriage away before both parties have truly worked to their full potential at saving it. No situation is every hopeless.

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Meta-what? What men want is a woman who practices metacognition. Basically, she's aware of what she's thinking about, her emotions and how she responds to her own thoughts and her surroundings. Women who don't practice metacognition will always find that their husbands won't be able to communicate to them as well, since they're too focused on their own emotions to sort things through. If you think that you need help being more self-aware, here are a few easy steps to get used to practicing metacognition and being a better wife for your man.

Women who practice metacognition generally have a higher Emotional Quotient than women who don't practice this skill. At any rate, here are 3 steps to get used to doing it:

1. Listen to yourself speak: a lot of people talk and talk and talk without listening to what they're saying. As in, they know what they're saying to the other person, but they're not listening to themselves as if they were a different person listening. That's probably a little bit hard to understand, so allow me to clarify.

You know how people sometimes say they wished that they were a fly on the wall so that they could listen to someone else's conversation? Well, that's the basic idea behind listening to yourself speak. If you speak and can hear how you might be sounding to other people, you'll be more aware not only what you say, but more importantly, how you say things. If you've been told that you come across as sounding loud, harsh or annoying, try to listen out for this next time.

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2. Stop before you respond: when someone's talking to you, you have to be aware of how you're responding to what they're saying. Some people do the first thing that comes to their heads and while that's being true to themselves, it doesn't mean that it's the most constructive way to go about your marriage.

Empathy is the main component of any successful relationship, especially a marriage. Similarly to tip 1, try to think how you may be coming across to someone else and try to understand why they may be feeling a certain way before reacting in a negative way.

3. Really feel your emotions: this is probably the core of metacognition. Everything you do is regulated by what you feel inside. People who are addicted are chained to their emotions. People who act all willy-nilly without thinking about how their emotional response may impact others around them are chained to their emotions as well.

Feel the anger, feel the sadness, feel the happiness, regardless of whether someone makes you feel that way or you make yourself feel that way. The more aware of the emotion you are, the more you are in control of it.

If you can do these three things, your man will come to appreciate you more as a woman, growing to love your ability to tune down the negativity and focus on the positive emotions.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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It's a known fact that everyone around the world still gets married. Sometimes the first marriage didn't workout, so they divorce and get remarried. No matter what, they haven't given up on pursuing happiness through marriage.

So with so many people continuously striving to get married why is the marriage divorce rates so high right now? One reason maybe due to the fact that marriage has gradually changed overtime.

In the past a good marriage was classified by how many children you had, but these days we expect marriage to be a lot more. People generally want love, happiness, and deep affection in their marriage. Often times one or more of these expectations are not being met.

The reason why divorce rates are so high is because these are very new and high expectations we have for a marriage. Regardless, if a husband and wife truly love each other they can overcome any expectations no matter how high they are. Whenever love is promoted in a marriage everything else will take care of itself.

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Most people don't put in the effort to make their love stronger. Married couples need to dig deep and make their marriage everything it can be. From the time your wedding bells are ringing to the last days of your marriage, you have to make a commitment to yourself and your spouse to improve your marriage.

Find the areas that need improvement and work on it. The amount of effort you put into your marriage will be rewarded with longevity. There are married couples out there that understand this and will never fall victim to these divorce rates.

At the end of the day, it is staggering how many people are divorcing at a high rate, but it's much more astounding how many marriages last and live up to the high expectations of today.

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