I Don't Feel Anything For My Husband: I Don't Love My Husband Anymore But He Loves Me - How Long Should You Stay In An Unhappy Marriage

So you've fallen out of love with your spouse. It's really important to know why you have fallen out of love with your spouse. I can't guess anyones personal situation, so I don't know why you've fallen out of love with your partner. But I do know some of the common reasons why; you've met someone else your fond of, you've got bored of your lifestyle with your spouse, children - either one of you wants to have children but the other doesn't.

I'd like to say that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Usually when one falls out of love with their spouse, they take dramatic action. Which usually ends in separation. Do you still want to be with your spouse? You need to take a lot of time to think about this. Only you can decide if you still want to be with your spouse.

Take Action!

If you want your marriage to work you need to take action! If you want the love you had for your spouse at the start of the relationship to come back, you need to take action! Got it? Good. You need to create that excitement and passion you once had for both you and your spouses happiness. It's not going to work without your efforts. You have to put everything into it! That's only if you want it to work!

The more you keep thinking about how bad your marriage is, the reality is it'll keep on getting worse. It's the law of attraction. If you put in 100% effort into making it work, and you really believe it can work, AND you can picture you and your spouse happy again in just a few months, the reality is it'll end up that way - good luck.

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It can be very difficult to know what to do in marriage where both husband and wife are steadily growing apart. When you are leading a busy life, it's understandable that you may forget to check in on your relationship to see how it's doing. This is however essential and should be happening even if everything is going well between you and your partner.

It is easy to be under the impression that your relationship will continue to be the way it was during the initial stages; highly passionate, romantic, intimate and blissful. During this time, the outside world may as well not exist and life can feel like a fantasy.

As with all things though, this changes (but not necessarily for the worst).

Along the way, you will most probably face challenges in your marriage and moments where you aren't as connected with your spouse as you could be. All relationships go through these phases. The key factor is to learn from these instances and allow them to strengthen what you have with your spouse.

As and when these issues arise, deal with them as best as you can. The more you do, the better you will become at communicating with your partner. Neglecting this process will only make any problems between grow larger and make future progress less likely.

Some couples avoid talking about their problems and overcoming them. This can lead to feeling angry with each other and misunderstood but most importantly, no progress is made. It is here where it easy to get disenchanted and seek the comfort and emotions you once experienced in the honeymoon phase.

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In order to avoid this, consistently develop your communication skills and how you interact with each other. Make sure your partner feels able and comfortable with discussing any issue that may be pertinent to them. This will help to develop your understanding of each other.

An essential skill in achieving this is being able to discuss sensitive topics without having a fight. You should remain calm and logical and come away with more insight. If your partner criticises you in some way, ask yourself honestly if there is an element of truth in what they have said. This will help you to become more self aware and look at the situation from a different angle.

In conjunction with developing how you communicate, it is important that you give each other the time and affection that your marriage requires. It simply isn't enough to live under the same roof together and do your own things. Make time to connect emotional and enjoy each other's company.

Find ways to eliminate stress at the end of each day so that when you are around each other, you aren't arguing. You are instead just being a married couple; listening, communicating, laughing, unwinding, being romantic, having a good time.

This may seem unrealistic for you now, but as you get into the habit of releasing your stress and tension as opposed to taking it out on other, you can really start to enjoy your relationship. Work through the rough patches and become a more intelligent couple for everything that you have with your loved to make sense again.

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Any marriage, good or bad, is going to go through its shares of ups and downs. But over time if the bad times start to outweigh the good, your marriage is going to be suffering, and you'll feel more and more emotionally isolated from each other. Are you wondering what can really prove deadly to your marriage?

1. Spending too much time with friends, at your job, or on other interests that exclude your partner. If you spend a lot of time outside of the marriage what do you think your spouse believes your priorities are? Isn't it likely that they might think that these other interests in your life are more important than they are?

2. Not having sex. Couples who have sex less than once a month are considered to be in a sexless marriage. While there are a bunch of issues that can contribute to a lack of sex between the two of you less sexual intimacy generally equals less emotional intimacy. If you can't connect in the bedroom you're less likely to connect in other areas of your life.

3. Not talking over financial issues. If one of you goes about spending recklessly, keeping secrets from the other one about purchases you make, or withholds money from the other, chances are this is going to build resentment and distance between the two of you.

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4. Letting your physical appearance go. When we fall in love part of the attraction is physical to begin with. Now, over time it's hard to maintain physical appearances the same as when we went out for a date. But if you let your appearance go, putting on weight, not looking to what you wear or your hygiene, then you're sending a message to your partner that your attraction to them just isn't that important anymore. Take care of yourself if you want your partner to continue feeling desire and love for you.

5. No longer expressing affection for each other. Gentle touches, a kiss, holding hands, hugs, cuddling while you watch television, all of these are things let your partner know you want to be connected and close. Withholding physical affection also sends a message. Is it the message you want to send to your partner?

6. Holding onto grudges. Everyone's going to go through disagreements; even couples in love sometimes have misunderstandings and don't see things eye to eye. If you always bring up past problems, can't let go of resentment, let loose with blaming and criticizing, it's unlikely the two of you will be close. In a happy marriage people do disagree, but they consider each other's point of view, take one problem at a time, let go of past issues, and avoid personal attacks.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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A Christian marriage is founded on the principles of the bible. It involves one man and one woman coming together in holy matrimony to form a family and, raise kids that will be Godly. There are so many issues surrounding the Christian marriages and just like other marital unions, there are no exceptions of trouble. When Christian married couples find themselves with challenges, they are supposed to seek answers that only reflect what God would have them do. Christianity as a religion does not allow their singles to marry anyone who is not of the religion. This is because they believe that believers in Christ should not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. Therefore, to strengthen the marital relationships for Christians, the following tips will work and, they are all bible based. First, let me start by saying that marriages should be fun. Make sure that you spend a time together with your spouse having a light talk.

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The other thing is to pray together. Many Christian marriage counselors will say that the more couples draw closer to God; the more they will be drawn to each other. However, they must acknowledge that they are drawing closer to God not to neglect their responsibilities in the marriage. Therefore, the bottom line is to draw closer to God together. Praying should also be done for the relationship. This involves asking God to provide a way for the various problems that may occur. Another tip for a Christian marriage to succeed is to read together. This involves reading the word of God and gaining knowledge together. This is a form of spending quality time together and, it is very much welcome to any relationship. You need to set aside time for each other to do other things like enjoying picnics and other things. This concept is advised for all people in relationships. The other thing is to make sure you make decisions together. This is one of the reasons that have driven many couples apart. There is an underlying reason why couples who are supposed to be partners make decisions without each others knowledge.

Many unions have been destroyed due to secrets. Many Christian couples have a harder time coming out in the open to admit that there is a problem. No Christian is perfect and, you should start by identifying the source or the root cause of the problem. Another thing is to keep on dating. This might sound strange but, it actually helps. You need to continue visiting beautiful venues for date nights. These are nights set aside where you forget about the kids and all your cares. Focusing on your spouse and giving then the time is what makes a Christian union strong. You can even visit church or church events together. This way you will not focus on other things; making your bond even stronger. So much can be said when it comes to marriage for Christians but, solving a problem will all depend on whether the two in the relationship are up for it. Being patient and persistent will ensure that you find what you want in your relationship.

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