Should I Save My Marriage Or Move On: Thinking About Working Things Out With Your Husband

Has your marriage got to the stage where you and your spouse hardly speak to each other? When you do talk to each other, are there always endless arguments, and total resentment towards each other? When your marriage is over, these are just a few of the things that happen that can make your life miserable and want to call it quits!

There are a few things to consider however, before just rushing out to file for divorce. Do you and your spouse have financial problems? Is there perhaps a member of your family who is really ill? This can also put a lot of pressure on the best of people, and is not an indication that your marriage is in trouble.

The only way to relieve the pressure from enormous problems such as these is to talk about them. Get them out in the open, discuss them in depth, and then try to solve them together. This way, you are sharing the problems you have, and are helping each other, instead of carrying the burden alone, day after day.

When your marriage is in trouble, it is vital that you have really open communication between you and your spouse. If you have been in a really bad mood lately, or very weepy about the least little thing, then your spouse needs to understand why you are behaving this way.

Then again, if your spouse has become very introverted over that past few weeks, talk to him/her to find out what the problem is. It is no good forming your own opinion as to why your spouse feels this way. You could be totally wrong, and think that your marriage is coming to an end, when in fact it's not.

However, if you have recently found out through the grapevine that your spouse has been seeing someone else on the quiet, this could very well be when your marriage is over. Your spouse will have become really resentful of you to the point of being rude to you most of the time.

Cheating is almost always one of the signs of when a marriage is over. As mentioned before, there are many things that could make you decide when your marriage is over. However, if you have been together for a long time, then it is worth the effort to talk about your problems and try to save your marriage if possible.

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I thought my relationship with my wife was dead in the water any number of times. Yet here we are 24 years later. Our marriage has its ups and downs but it's better than ever before. Most importantly, we know we love each other. I long ago realized that there is no harder job in the world than marriage. (Well, maybe having kids!) When you get into a hard place in your relationship it's tough not to focus too much on the bad times and the differences between you. You begin to lose sight of the good times you've had together and why you really care about each other.

If things have been strained between the two of you lately try to take it a step at a time. Don't get overly caught up in all the ways it's not working. If you become preoccupied with just looking at small details that the two of you can't seem to resolve you will never be able to deal with the big things that threaten to overwhelm your marriage.

In this article I want to give you a few points about where to begin to build a lasting relation and not one that's brittle and fragile. Here are 9 Tips build a lasting and transformative relationship.

1. Focus on communicating. That sounds simple enough doesn't it? I say that facetiously because communication is typically the Achilles' heel of every marriage. We either communicate too harshly, insensitively, or withdraw and become sullen and expect our spouse to guess at how we feel. Open up, be honest; try to be sensitive to how your words are felt by the other person.

2. Learn how to listen. You know what really works if you're a counselor? It's learning how to listen to people. It's not the advice you dispense, not some fancy techniques, it's learning how to really listen to people so that they feel like you understand how they feel at the core.

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3. Set aside time for each other. Without some time together, even if it's a half an hour in the evening, going out to lunch on a weekend, or simply getting up a little earlier together, your marriage is down to stagnate. Time together is the fertile soil that will allow your relationship to grow.

4. Liven things up. Do something unexpected for your spouse, surprise them. Practice little ways of showing your appreciation. Don't allow the humdrum routine of day-to-day living deflate your relationship.

5. Ask questions. Try to find out something about your spouse that you didn't know, and then use this information in some way to please them.

6. Complement your spouse. Psychologists have learned that the best way to change anybody's behavior is through positive reinforcement. I'm sure you're probably aware that positive reinforcement is emphasizing the behaviors we'd like to see and ignoring the behaviors that we want to go away. The more you complement your spouse, maybe by recognizing and remarking on how helpful they can be in certain ways, the more likely it is that you'll see more of that behavior.

7. Problem solve. Instead of emphasizing the problems that have been happening between you look for solutions you can both work towards. If they ever complain about your behavior, such as your going out too often with others and not spending time with them, look for the balance, try to give them what they want. Don't always get hung up on thinking that problems are never going to be resolved.

8. Get some help. Sometimes it's so easy to focus on the problems between us we forget to realize that people have been through these types of problems before and have survived. A marriage is something that needs to be worked on every day and it can never be taken for granted. The fact is other folks have faced problems that are just like yours and they're still happily married.

9. A fundamental commitment to the other person and to the marriage will ensure your marriage survives and grows. Trying to escape from problems and avoiding them will also ensure something -- and that is that your marriage won't change and will become more and more of a prison. The choices are before you.

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Life can get very challenging if your marriage starts to take a turn for the worst. Anger, frustration, lack of understanding and feeling drained are all emotions that come with the territory. It is very easy at a time like this to let a few wrong moves send your relationship over the edge.

You may be finding it difficult to get your head around how you went from being madly in love with each other to being on the brink of divorce. There will undoubtedly be a lot of questions going through your mind at this time. It would be beneficial for both you and your spouse to minimise time around each other so you can think these things through.

That may sound counter-intuitive but you don't want to get into the trap of panicking to find a quick-fix solution to all your marriage problems. Often, this mentality will do more harm than good. Allowing each other breathing space will provide time to reflect and avoid making any rash decisions. It may be tempting to switch off and immerse yourself in work. This can be helpful in the short-term, but eventually you'll need to confront these issues head on.

Listening to advice that friends and family have to offer can also be useful. Be grateful for any given and take it on board but don't let it influence you too heavily as you know your relationship best. Simply allow the different perspectives on a difficult situation to aid you.

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During this period, don't just blame your partner for the condition of your marriage; do a thorough self-analysis and question certain instances and destructive behaviour which have been guilty of. It isn't necessary to endlessly beat yourself up over this. Recognise that there have been times where you were at fault, make a mental note of them and commit yourself to not acting that way in future scenarios.

You have to remind yourself that this is a process of growing and learning. Moments of pain and difficulty provide just as much opportunity to develop and improve your marriage... if you allow it to.

At this stage, you should have an argument and B.S. free discussion with your spouse. This is the time where need to talk and listen to what's been on your minds, breakthroughs you may have made, aspects of your relationship you want to work at and so on. Take your time to clear the air and completely getting into argument mode, you are through with that now. Exchange sincere apologies and vow to put the past behind.

Be wary of saying this if you don't mean it as dragging up previous events will likely create more distance again. After this discussion, you should feel a sense of achievement and have a clearer understanding what you both need to work on.

Don't expect your marriage to improve hugely overnight; it will be a gradual process with slips and bumps along the way, but the rewards that the road to marriage recovery bears vastly outweigh the effort it requires.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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When a man decides to share his life with a woman for the rest of his life, he is referred to as a person who has entered into a marriage relationship. Marriage relationships will be found in every sphere of society and, it makes a family. A family is the unit or fiber of any society or population. Marriage has always been viewed as a serious commitment between two people which often commands a lot of respect. Marriage has evolved and so much has been observed often redefining what marriage relationships are. Marriage relationships can be monogamous or polygamous. Polygamy is very common in many places especially in the continent of Africa and others. It is marriage between a man and many women. In the Muslim culture, a man can have up to 4 wives. Therefore, these relationships are greatly defined by culture and religion. Most couples in the western world will practice monogamy which is socially acceptable. When a person marries another woman without having parted ways with the first, it is referred to as bigamy and, it is an offense in America.

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Therefore, before people get married it is paramount to ensure they have a divorce certificate, if they were married before. Another marriage relationship which is not very common is polyandry. This is where a woman decides to have more than one husband. There are other modern marriage relationships which have become very popular on the onset of modernity. I'm talking about gay marriages. This involves a lifetime commitment between two people of the same sex. Many countries have made such unions legal but the relationships are not allowed in majority of countries of the world. Some of the countries that have made same sex marriage legal include the United States, and Canada. Therefore, if you are gay, it is vital to consider whether marriage is legal in your country or state. The relationships are often not a bed of roses. In the United States, statistics have shown that 50% of all marriages end up in divorce. The rate is even higher for people who decide to get into marriages after divorce. Modernity is partly to blame for this because people have changed and, they no longer feel the urge for serious commitment even when things can be solved. Women have become more empowered and are aware of their rights.

In the past, women in many cultures had the duty to look after the home and make sure that all was well. The onset of civilization and modernity showed women that they could make it in the work force and still maintain their families. Many women have succeeded in this but, others have failed. This is only one of the factors that have contributes to lack of commitments in marriages and, men and women are both to blame; they are responsible. Marriage is not all gloom and doom; many married couples with modern lives continue to prove that it is a sacred institution that can prevail no matter what. The best thing is to be empowered with relevant information before getting into it. It needs work for it to succeed. All in all, marital relationships will work if you and your partner have the will and determination.

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