I Feel Like I Can't Please My Girlfriend: How To Give A Girl Killer Orgasms One After The Other

Giving your woman the best sex ever is actually remarkably easy. The reason why is say this is because most guys set the bar incredibly low in the bedroom. In other words -- most guys just plain suck when it comes to SEXUALLY SATISFYING women. With that in mind, it's unlikely that any man has ever given your woman incredibly good sex. Most men are poor in bed because they haven't bothered to 'sexually educate' themselves. However, since you are reading this -- you're about to get a sex education that 80% of men will never have.

So pay attention and please read on carefully as I show you...

A 5 Step Process For Giving Your Woman The Best Sex Ever

1. Be The Man

Now, what do I mean when I say 'Be The Man'?

Well, when I say that you should 'Be The Man' in the bedroom, I mean that you should be IN CONTROL. You shouldn't expect your woman to be in control in the bedroom because that's not her natural role. In matters of sex, your woman's natural role is to be submissive. Therefore, you must BE THE MAN and be in control. (Most men screw this up because they don't dare to be in control).

Learn this one technique -- simple and easy for any man to use -- and not only will sex be more pleasurable for you, but you'll instantly become a better lover than 90% of the rest of the guys on the planet. Here's how to have sex more often -- and have her thank you for it

2. Use Your Sexual Creativity

The sad reality for most couples is that their sex-lives get more and more boring the longer they stay together. Obviously, if you want to give your woman the best sex ever -- it must not be boring. The way to keep having interesting sex night after night is to turn on your SEXUAL CREATIVITY and try new things on a regular basis. Do not do continuously do the same things because sooner or later -- your woman will get bored in the bedroom.

3. Open Your Mouth And Make Some Noise

To give your woman the best sex ever, you must make some noise. When you are giving her ORAL SEX -- let her hear how much you are enjoying it. And when you don't have your 'mouth full', TALK DIRTY. Talking dirty will rapidly skyrocket your woman's sexual pleasure and your ability to 'get her off'.

4. Give Her Naughty Sex

The best sex ever has to be NAUGHTY because every woman wants her man to make her 'get naughty' in the bedroom. Dirty talk is one way to make the sex naughty. Doing it somewhere risky is another. Leaving her knickers on also makes the sex naughty.

How about slapping her ass?

Or grabbing her hair as you do her from behind?

You get the idea.

5. Give Her Vaginal Orgasms

This is the most important thing you must do to give your woman the best sex ever. If you want to make her shake uncontrollably as she screams your name and has the most powerful orgasms of her life (orgasms that make sure she'll never get bored of the sex) -- you have to give her VAGINAL ORGASMS. There is no other option.

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It's a goal of every man to give his partner the best sex humanly possible and help her achieve several orgasms one after the other. One fear most men seem to have in bed is the fear that they might not be able to make their partner orgasm having this fear is absolutely justified as if you can't make her orgasm there is absolutely no reason she would be interested in having sex with you. This is the major reason why you must know this at all costs. Read on to discover some of the most stunning tips on how to give her an orgasm one after the other.........

Tell her what about to come- This is what you call emotional or mind stimulation. Under this step you will have to discuss with her what you will do to her in detail and make her imagine it in her mind before it actually happens to her. You see this step gets her completely turned on and she feels extremely aroused.

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Build anticipation- This is where you will get a bit physical but at the same time not go fully physical. This is the part where you build the anticipation and keep her waiting. You see what this does is that it keeps triples her level of arousal and she will be in a better position to achieve an orgasm.

Practice to last longer- Now this is the big part when it comes to making a woman achieve several orgasms. You must have the ability to last long enough to make her orgasm. The best possible way to go for this is to masturbate a few times before having sex since that would give you greater control and you will be able to make her orgasm.

And One Last thing...

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Most men can become wonderful lovers in bed but in their haste to taste the forbidden fruits of lust, they often end up making mistakes that leave their partners totally unsatisfied. Here are 5 deadly mistakes that most men make in bed and ways to avoid them if you too are following the same quick route.

Men forget to include the emotional factor. Most men assume that girls too love to give vent to their lustful feelings only in a physical way. As a result they tend to directly skip over to the mounting process without seducing the girl mentally first.

Men think that all girls like it rough. Although some girls might sometimes like to play rough, most however prefer men that like to slowly and seductively peel off each layer of clothing while hugging, caressing and kissing them. They do not like men that simply are in a tearing hurry to strip their clothes and achieve an orgasm within a few minutes.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

Men think foreplay is a waste of time. Most men assume that girls would only love it when they mount them during actual intercourse. They forget that girls have the wonderful ability to achieve multiple orgasms. Hence adequate foreplay is a necessity since this will help them achieve a few bed-cracking orgasms before the actual act.

Men think women just love different sexual positions. Unlike men, most women do not think that making love has to simply replicate an adult video where sexual positions are changed every few minutes. Women love sexual positions that allow for greater body contact as well as deeper penetration.

Men think that once they achieve orgasm, their work there is done. Unfortunately this is another mistake that men commit regularly. Women love it when men cuddle them and hug them even after achieving a mind-blowing orgasm. They do not like it when men simply jump off the bed or go off to sleep after an orgasm.

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The thing that most guys don't know is that love making is important to sustain a relationship. Here is the reason. A woman might not really know what she really wants in a boyfriend, but she would surely knows what she during sex. She wants an orgasm primarily, and in addition to that also wants to be treated like a sex goddess. Few men know the true secret to giving a woman both of these things, but learning the skills you need to make it all happen for her is easier than you might assume.

Most guys somehow know and understand that pleasing during lovemaking would improve the relationship, because women are more inclined to accept your weaknesses if you can get her to feel the ultimate satisfaction every time you have sex with her. Therefore let's take a look at some of the best-of-the-best tactics you can immediately make use of to make a woman climax quickly, and make her feel like a sexual angel in the bedroom. Learn, in a few effortless techniques, the best way to make a woman experience a vastly satisfying orgasm and absolutely love you for it...

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"Supercharge Your Stamina."

If you ejaculate too early on, then you're not getting the job done - because almost all women need longer time to get excited and climax. The average woman needs around about 20 straight minutes of stimulation to climax, so if you cannot continue that long, she is not gonna be satisfied. The thing is that she may be even give you another chance, but if you keep performing under par then she would be sexually underwhelmed with your sexual performance. After that experience, it's only a matter of time until she's not answering your calls.

"Focus on the Pre-Game."

By NOT giving time to foreplay, you would come across as selfish - which is bad news! Foreplay is important because it is during this time that a woman creates a strong connection with a man - which will make her reach intense orgasms after that. Foreplay gives more satisfaction than sex for many women. The trick is to get her anticipate the foreplay - because if that happens, then the penetration itself will be extra explosive.

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