I Finally Stopped Chasing My Ex: When You Decide To Stop Chasing Him

Letting go of someone you believe is your one true love is painful. Once a relationship ends and you realize that you simply can't move forward without them, you're bound to start trying everything in your power to get them back. That's understandable and admirable, but is there a point when you have to stop trying to get your ex back? There actually is. There are some circumstances where it just becomes painfully obvious that you're not going to be successful in rekindling the love. Although it's hard to accept when things reach this point, it's best if you can recognize that the relationship is definitely over so you can get on with your life.

The point at which you need to stop trying to get your ex back is obviously different for each, unique relationship. One clear indicator though is that they've moved on and seem happier than they ever have before. Many people engage in a rebound relationship soon after the break up and by all accounts they often seem reenergized and giddy. This can wear off quickly so it's best to not give up on your ex as soon as they start dating again. A good rule of thumb is to give the new relationship a few months to develop. During that time it's important that you establish a friendship with your ex so you can remain a positive and influencing force in their life. This will also give you insight into their new relationship and you'll be able to spot the cracks when they appear. However, if it's been six months or so and they seem to be going strong, it may be time to let go of your hopes for a romantic future and just adapt to being their friend.

If your former lover is not open to the idea of talking with you at all, that may be a sign that you should stop trying to get your ex back. One caveat to that is if the break up happened within the past month or so. People's emotions run high right after a break up and some simply just need some time apart from their ex to come to terms with what they're feeling. If it's been longer than that and your ex avoids your calls and doesn't respond to your text messages or email messages, it's likely time to throw in the towel. It won't hurt you to let go for now. If they are slowly processing what's happened, they may yet come back to you. However, you can't put your life on hold indefinitely. It's best to try and put the relationship behind you for now and then let the future take you where it's meant to.

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Many a relationship ends in complete disaster while many relationships tide over the initial undercurrents and then bloom even more beautifully, that means trying to make your ex come back. So there's always hope, when you resort to these magnetic ways.

Show that you are not affected

The first thing is to show your ex is that you are not affected by them breaking off with you. Do not in any way display emotions of disappointment or grief or anger and hurt. Show signs of relief and enjoy the feeling of not having them around.

Move on with your life

Enjoy life to the hilt. Do the most exciting things that you've been wanting to do but for some time. Go on excursions, hiking, skating, skiing, swimming or whatever else. Improve your looks and simultaneously groom yourself too. Look just too good to resist and see the magic.

Spice up the envy

Spice up your life with friends around you. Be surrounded by the opposite sex and be the fun and center of the crowd holding their attention with the humor and joviality that is yours. Your ex would be jealous seeing you so wanted by all those of the opposite sex.

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Your ex would try to get close

Seeing you in such a high state of popularity will tempt your ex to get closer to you. Avoid your ex and do not give them as much attention as you're giving the others. Let your ex feel slighted and insecure that they don't stand a chance against all those so handsome others.

Ignore their calls and contacts

Your ex is bound to try and get in touch with you hereafter. But it is for you to ignore them and move on the way you are without being affected by your ex. You want them crawling back to you, so here is your chance to make the best of it.

Your ex will now be crawling

Soon your ex will be crawling back to you and wanting you to take them back. They should feel that it is not going to be easy to make you relent into taking them back. They will pursue you unendingly.

Getting your ex back

Your ex is now back with you. You have won them over and they are here to be with you for good. There's not much chance hereafter for them to leave you. So lay out the terms that you both be on your best behavior and never break up again.

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Desperation makes many people do things that they wouldn't do under normal circumstances, and after a break up, this happens very often. Of course the most important thing after your relationship has failed is to try to get your ex back. There are three very common mistakes that people make after they have suffered a break up. Read on learn what they are, so that you can avoid making them as well.

The biggest mistake that most people make after a break up is to frantically try to make contact with their exes in an attempt to get them back. The sad thing is, even when they are told that their exes are not interested in talking to them or seeing them, they ignore these facts and persist. This is NOT the way to get your ex back!

In some cases, they will make such pests of themselves trying to contact their exes, that it becomes harassment and things start to turn ugly. To stop this from happening, the exes will go so far as to get a restraining order served! As you will realize, this will not get your ex back at all, but will probably push him/her even further away.

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You might have been told that if you make your ex jealous, that it will get your ex back - this is another really stupid mistake that jilted lovers make. It is just not possible for jealousy to help at all in this situation. Your ex is already angry with you, so, if you make him/her jealous, all that will happen is that your ex decides once and for all to never bother with you again.

There is also a chance that you will become angry because your ex is not talking to you. If this happens, you might want to tell your friends what an idiot your ex is, how glad you are that you have broken up, and many other bad things as well. Bad-mouthing your ex to your friends definitely WON'T get your ex back. The impression you are giving your ex is that you are not interested anymore.

So, if you really want to be successful and get your ex back, be clever, don't make any of these mistakes, and you will more than likely get your ex back.

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------Stop Panicking!
Settle your mind and you will get your ex back, simply because you prevent yourself from making really stupid mistakes. You see, when people go through a breakup, they become extremely emotional. Fear goes through your head and you are going through constant emotional ups and downs, which cause you to do things which you will regret later. Instead of focusing on what is bad about your life now, focus on what you can improve during the time that you are taking space away from your ex.

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------Give your ex what they want!
You will only push your ex away if you constantly chase him/her and try to argue with them to take you back. Trying to force your ex to change his/her mind will only prove to your ex that he/she was right about the breakup. The reason this makes your ex think that way, is because you become so desperate that you look pathetic and then you become someone your ex really doesn't want to be around. So, just give your ex space, as this will finally get you on the right track to pulling your ex back.

------Your life does not revolve nor depend on your ex!
The minute you show your ex that he/she means that much to you, they will start taking you for granted. Your ex really wont care about you all that much, because you are becoming easily available and too easy to have. Your ex wants a challenge and someone who can be dependent, and as long as you are desperately chasing your ex, you will not win your ex back. Therefore, leave your ex alone for at least 2 weeks, with NO contact whatsoever. This will ensure that you finally do win your ex back.

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