I Really Want A Baby But It's Just Not Happening: Most Likely Time To Get Pregnant

When a person wants to get pregnant in a quick manner, there are a few things that they can try. Ensuring that their body is ready to carry a baby for nine months, will give it a good start. Learning how to recognize the signs of ovulation may also assist a couple with planning out their fertile days and moments. Some couples may take longer to become pregnant than others. There is a general time line of up to a year when pregnancy could happen.

The first step before pregnancy occurs, should be to ensure that the body is healthy and ready to carry a baby. A woman may want to ensure that she is taking vitamins and eating healthy. She could begin an exercise program that includes some light and beneficial activities. A man could promote a healthy body by eating right and taking vitamins as well. Ensuring that his sperm is healthy is an effective way to increase the odds of pregnancy.

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When a couple is ready to start trying to conceive there are a few things that they can try. The first idea may be to track when a period ends and begins again. Tracking and monitoring a monthly egg cycle will make it easier to chart possible fertile times.

Typically a fertile time to conceive may be ten days after the period has started. After that point a woman may try to conceive a baby. Couples may be encouraged to have sex every other day for two to three weeks.

The reason that couples should try every other day is to keep the sperm supply healthy. When a man uses his sperm too much it could keep a low amount of sperm in each donation. That could leave a woman with a low supply when she needs it the most.

Sperm can last inside a woman for a few days. That can be helpful to know when a couple is planning a baby. Missing a few days is okay because the sperm will stay inside and thrive still for a couple of days after it is first deposited.

If pregnancy is not occurring using the monitoring system, a couple can try a few other options. There are fertility kits that can be bought that will tell a couple which day to conceive on. That can be helpful information when a person is not sure when they should be having sex. It will give a woman the right information when it comes to conceiving and the right time.

Couples who want to get pregnant in a fast manner, should monitor their monthly cycle and practice sex frequently. Couples should have sex every other day to increase the chances of having a baby. Pressure and stress should be eliminated to also increase the chances. Men and women should relax and try to have fun when trying to conceive a baby. Some people stress over how long it may be taking or stress about the idea of having sex at a certain point and time.

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Getting pregnant and having a child is truly a blessing for all the women. When you see your friend or your neighbor is having joy and fun with their kids, you feel little envious of the happiness. Have you ever tried for this happiness? You have done but you did not get that happiness. So, now what are you going to do? Many of you try for not getting pregnant for years and suddenly you wake up and decided to get conceive. But there is a sad truth, when you try birth control methods for a long time, you cannot get pregnant easily. Contraceptive pills and other birth control methods do not hamper your pregnancy but it creates many problems to conceive. Here are 3 most important ways that will really help you in getting pregnant fast and naturally.

• Time- improper timing of intercourse is the number one mistake which is done by many couples. Many women try to not get pregnant for a long time. So, it's very normal they do not have full information on how to get pregnant when they decide to get conceives. Many of you think that day 14 of your ovulation is the best time to conceive, but when you follow this guide line you will not able to use your full chance to get pregnant. For many women ovulation is not exactly day 14. It goes several days earlier or later. So, the most important time for intercourse is around the ovulation period (3 to 5 days).

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• Good health- when you decide to get pregnant, you need to take extra care of your health. Minerals, vitamins, fibers, and protein should be in your daily diet. Meditation, exercise and regular check up can also help you. In short you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

• Cervical fluid- monitoring your cervical fluid is the most important work. You need to be attentive of the changes of your cervical fluids. It changes very dramatically during the course of your cycle. When you notice you will see prior to ovulation it goes from a dry, sticky substance, to a wetter creamier, and at the fertile time it becomes clear and stretchy very similar to raw egg white. This is the most important time to have intercourse when your chance to become pregnant is much higher. With the help of this method you can begin to have intercourse either every day or every other day.

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I was recently contacted by a woman who was trying to become pregnant within the next six months. She had read that the Y or boy producing sperm is weaker than the X or girl producing sperm. She wanted to know if this was accurate. She also wanted to know what this information (if it were true) meant for her if she wanted to conceive a boy baby. It's accurate to say that the Y sperm chromosomes are less strong than the X's. But they have their own advantages that the X's don't share. And, this has a few important implications for couples who want to influence their baby's gender. I will go into this in more detail in the following article.

In Terms Of Size, Speed, And Lifespan, The Boy Producing Sperm Chromosomes Are Different Than Those That Produce Girls: Most people understand that a baby is formed when the woman's egg is fertilized by the man's sperm. A normal man's sperm contains both X and Y chromosomes. If a Y makes it to and fertilized the egg, then you would get a son. If it's an X that is successful instead, this would result in a daughter.

Most specialists agree that these different chromosomes have somewhat different characteristics. For example, it's widely agreed upon that, of the two, the Y's are actually smaller in size and are shorter lived, especially when a harsh environment comes into play. The one advantage that they do have, however, is that they seem to swim faster and in a more straight pattern than the sperm that produces daughters. In fact, in early forms of in vitro fertilization, the faster moving sperm were separated from the slowing moving sperm using a special thick liquid. If the couple wanted a boy, the fastest swimmers were the ones that were implanted into the mother to be.

Although there is some debate as to how much longer the girl producing sperm live than those that will give you boys, most people agree that the X's definitely win out in terms of longevity. Some people say that there is as much as a two day difference and others believe that you are talking about only several hours or less than a 24 hour period. But, many specialists will tell you this difference in longevity depends upon many factors. One of these has to do with the quantity and prevalence of your cervical mucus.

When I explain this, people will sometimes respond with things like "well this isn't really fair. If I want a boy, it seems like I'm at a disadvantage as this sperm is weaker." This isn't necessarily true. You have to remember that the Y's have a straighter and more efficient path to the egg. This gives them their own advantages.

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Looking At The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Each Type Of Chromosome To Determine Your Best Conception Strategy: The person who wrote me could use the Y's strengths when she was developing her own strategy. It was true that perhaps she did not have as many days to work with, but I would argue that finding her optimal days was going to be a bit easier. The reason for this is that if you're hoping to conceive a son, you are better off waiting until after ovulation occurs. Determining ovulation in the days after it has happened is easier than predicting it before it has occurred.

Additionally, there were a few other things that she could do to play on the Y's strengths. She could take advantage of their more straight path to the egg by using deeper penetration when she had intercourse and was trying to conceive. She could also do her best to make sure that her reproductive tract was alkaline since an acidic environment poses even more challenges for these fellows.

You'd need to look at these things in a different way if you're trying to conceive a girl baby. Yes, you would have the advantage of having stronger sperm chromosomes (and more days) to work with. But, these X's are also slower and they don't move straight to the egg. So, to work with their strengths, you'd want to use intercourse positions that are shallow rather than deep. And, you'd want to make your reproductive tract acidic. Plus, you would want to have intercourse before ovulation.

Now, this timing can sometimes be more challenging to predict. Your body's changes are more pronounced and easy to recognize once ovulation has already taken place. But, in my experience, if you use saliva ovulation predictors rather than the urine models, this type of early detection really isn't all that difficult.

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I was recently asked this question from a woman who was trying to get pregnant. There were a few possible interpretations as to what she meant when she asked the question, so I had to ask for clarification. Specifically, she could have been asking about the cervix's position in relationship to ovulation and when this occurs. Or, she could have been asking about the cervix's optimal position in relationship to the sexual positions used in an attempt to conceive a boy. The woman was asking about timing and ovulation, but she wanted to know everything that she could about this process. So, in the following article, I will talk about the position of the cervix as it relates to the ovulation times and the sexual positions that are optimal for conceiving a boy baby. (And, for couples who want a girl instead, I'll offer some information on that process as well.)

The Position Of Your Cervix Can Indicate Where You Are In Your Cycle And Can Also Tell You If You've Ovulated: Before I get into a long explanation, I have to admit that I don't think that this is the most reliable method that you can use to determine ovulation times. However, people will often gauge how the cervix feels and where it is located to tell them if they are approaching ovulation and / or whether it has already occurred.

Specifically, as ovulation approaches, the cervix rises and softens, become more sensitive to touch, and is covered with more cervical mucus. On your most fertile day, it may even be so high that you have a hard time reaching it. After your ovulation day passes and you are in the days following ovulation, the cervix feels more firm, lowers again, and is often easier to reach.

If you are trying to conceive a boy, you'll want to wait until ovulation has happened and the cervix has again lowered. The vulnerable boy or Y producing sperm need this late time frame to ensure that more of them survive on the trip to the egg. So, if this was your goal, you would wait until the cervix rises and then falls and becomes firm. If you want a girl, you would want to have intercourse before it falls and is at it's highest point.

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However, as I've alluded to, I don't feel that this is the most reliable method available. If you don't know what you're looking for, there can be some guesswork involved. And in a process that requires very strict precision, guessing is not what you want to do. I really do feel that a good, reliable ovulation predictor can be well worth the often minimal costs.

The Distance From The Sperm To The Cervix Can Also Affect Your Baby's Gender: The cervix can also come into play when you're actually having intercourse in an attempt to conceive. If you want a boy baby, it's a smart idea to use sexual positions that will give you the deepest penetration because this places the sperm closer to the cervix. This makes the destination (the egg) shorter in distance and gives the vulnerable boy sperm a better chance of being successful.

In contrast, if you are trying for a girl baby, you'd be better off using shallow sexual positions that place the sperm further away. The X or girl producing sperm have a much easier time making longer trips and you will have a much better chance of having much more X's than Y's when conception occurs if you can accomplish this.

You also might want to take a look at your PH. You want to be more acidic if you're trying to a girl baby and you want to be alkaline for a boy. If you don't see the reading that you want (using PH testing strips,) you can often make changes to your diet or use different douches to reach the levels that are more likely to give you the gender that you want.

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