I Stopped Cooking For My Husband: Importance Of Cooking For Your Husband - Tired Of Cooking For Husband

Some women put a lot of effort into understanding men. They buy books, consult with their girlfriends and even ask relationship counsellors as to what to do to improve their relationship with their men. The only problem is, they don't do the one thing that's easiest to do when it comes to making sure that your man is in it for the long run and that is communicating with him. Did you know that verbal communication is the type of communication that we are least responsive to? As always, actions speak louder than words, especially my favourite action of all: cooking.

1. It's Not Sex?...

No, don't get me wrong. Sex is important, but not the most important for me. I understand that there are men who value sex very highly and place it in first place, but the act of cooking is something that has longer value in terms of communicating to your man that you love him.

Cooking is an act of creation, just like sex. It's something that you can do with two people, just like sex. It can be fun, just like sex. The biggest advantage it has over sex is that it shows that you care about your partner more, at least, that's my opinion.

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2. Limitless Possibilities

There are several ways that cooking and food can be used to deepen the bond between people. Cooking together improves co-operation and team work. The act of creating something, putting in the effort and then enjoying the fruits of your labor is also beneficial to the relationship.

Cooking is also a very unassuming act. It doesn't require as much emotional effort as sex and you can get better at it the more you do it. Cooking for a partner is also gives you more brownie points, since cooking for one's tastes shows that you care.

3. Nourishment

Cooking provides food, which gives you nourishment. It keeps you healthy and helps to make you stronger when you're feeling weak. The act is also associated with homeliness, warmth and love.

I know it sounds cheesy, but I think that there is so much you can get out of cooking than you can get out of sex. Nourishment is what you get out of it superficially, but the emotional implications are just so much more valuable.

You can see how your man could be more loyal to you if you simply got better at cooking. Not to push any stereotypes, but women in the kitchen is something almost expected, even in this day and age. Cook for your man and he will love you. If he doesn't, you deserve a better man.

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Sometimes wives just don't know how to get the answers needed to improve their marriages. There may be more questions than answers. The questions can range from "How do I please my husband and become his fantasy?" to "How often should I cook a meal per week?".

An interesting fact is that a wife who doesn't know how to cook something that her man wants to eat will likely find a recipe. However, this same woman may not seek answers to how to keep her man happy in other areas. Why does a wife think it's more important to satisfy a man's appetite than to satisfy his fantasy?

Women need to be educated about the importance of satisfying a husband's fantasy and sexual appetite. People, spread the word. Ladies, listen up! Take heed! Hear what your man may, or may not, be saying. If he's too quiet, watch out; he might be up to mischief!

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No matter how long you are married, you will still have questions. This doesn't mean that you're not satisfied in your relationship. It may actually be the contrary. You may want to find ways to keep your relationship growing instead of letting it go stale from a lack of spiciness.

Women often wait until it's too late to signal that there's a problem in the marriage. They somehow think that the marriage will heal itself. Well, it doesn't. You have to medicate and sometimes perform surgery in order to heal your marriage. While God can do anything, you must do your part by doing something.

Try to save your valuable relationship. It's worth it! Your husband may be worth it. And you're certainly worth it. Be the Christian example in a dying world of people who have the twisted thinking that Christian marriages are not worth the extra work. A good marriage takes work. And any great marriage requires extra hard work.

God says that marriage is holy. Holy! Set apart. Marriage is not to be diminished. It doesn't mean that you won't have problems. It means that He will be with you and give you the grace and strength to overcome any obstacle that stands in your way. You are more than a conqueror!

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If you don't conquer jealousy and insecurity in your marriage, you will experience a life of suspicion and anger, a combination that will tear your relationship apart. The sense of insecurity drains the life right out of a marriage. Instead of enjoying a life of joy and freedom in the union, the insecure individual is always paranoid as well as emotionally shaken by every seeming divergence from his or her selfish expectations.

I have seen jealousy and insecurity devastate many relationships, resulting in excessive drinking, fighting, separations and countless trips to divorce court. Insecurity is an ongoing fear of rejection and loss. Jealousy occurs when feel others are trying to rob you of something. You feel that someone can take something valuable away from you. It all boils down to the worshiping of another human being and the devaluing of self in the process. Insecure individual often get what they fear, resulting in a life of clinging and grasping for an illusionary sense of a person.

What the insecure individual needs to do is discover his or her true identity. When you know your true identity you will be free in your marriage. Your sense of trust will flourish because of the confidence you have in your own value as an individual. Your uniqueness as an individual is no longer dependent upon the possible mishaps of another person.

Strategies for Becoming Free

Believe in You

In order to break free from the trap of jealousy and insecurity, the insecure partner must believe that he or she can exist without the other, if need be. Emotional attachment has a way of deceiving us into thinking that there is no other reality than the world we share with our spouses. All day long we entertain fantasies and emotions of the other person. Nevertheless, if we realize that we can survive without our spouses, we will be less threatened by the possibility of our spouses leaving us for another. Otherwise our entire world will fall when our lovers leaves us.

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Build Yourself Up in Love

You empower yourself when you confess that you are a lovable person with lots of love to spread around. This love comes from your inner essence. The more you give it out to the world the more it returns to you with the gifts of joy and freedom. Jealousy and insecurity means that you simply do not spread enough love around. Instead, you keep your affections bottled up within you for only one person. As a result, you get angry when your expressions of affection are seemingly rejected by that seemingly special person. Therefore, spread your love.

Reinvent Yourself

Refuse to be someone who is always in fear of another's departure. Life is way too short to stay narrow minded. Reinvent yourself by doing something absolutely new. Go back to school to start a new career or become involved in a worthy cause. In other words, stand up for something that will transform not only your life, but the lives of others. You are this important to the world. Wasting your uniqueness by worshiping someone who maybe giving you cause to be jealous and insecure is pure insanity.

When you conquer your sense of jealousy and insecurity, you are free to love your spouse without attachments. This is true love. Because you value yourself as someone special, you are no longer afraid of losing your spouse to another person, if this should occur. The knowledge of your true identity as a unique, one in a kind individual will lift you to new levels of adventure and freedom.

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Who has heard of this phrase? I am done with this relationship unless you get therapy? You are shocked at this statement and scramble to catch up on what you did wrong in your relationship. You do everything you are supposed to, start talking, look for a therapist and still it's not enough. You have no idea what is left so you decide to seek couple's counseling on your own. The first question you ask your therapist is "Can this work with just me here?" The answer is a big fat YES. Here are some reasons why couple's counseling can be just as effective with one person than with 2.

The ripple effect works in this case by making changes to one person, changes are made to the couple. When you work on yourself, you are working on your relationship.

Once you start therapy, and your partner can see changes, then they will want to join you in therapy. If they do not then that is okay as well, your relationship will still improve by just you being in therapy.

It takes two to tango, but in this case one is enough to learn. If you are the motivated partner to make changes, then just coming to therapy will help your relationship.

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What happens when you are just the motivated partner and believe that the other person need's therapy but will not come? The answer is simple, make your appointment and find out how you can start the change process in your relationship. You will either benefit from changes in yourself that will change your partner or you will just learn how to deal with your partner in a different way. Regardless, waiting for an unmotivated person to start therapy is not going to help your relationship. If you are reading this and think that therapy can help you or your relationship, then make the call! The worst that can happen is you can learn about yourself and how to change. The best is you and your partner can work on evolving into a new couple through supportive couple's counseling.

When couple's wait for the other person to seek out therapy, it is sometimes too late for their relationship. Way to many times, couple's make an appointment for therapy but one person has already decided the relationship is over.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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