At some point after a breakup, this line would most likely cross the mind of one of the wounded parties: “I want my ex back.” While there are some who would dismiss this thought after giving themselves some time for healing and closure, there are also some who persistently cling to the hope that perhaps they should give the relationship a second chance. In case the latter happens to you, here are some tips and tricks on how you could win back your former significant other:Tip No. 1: Think of the reasons why you broke up in the first place. When the emotional wounds inflicted by a breakup are still fresh, there is a tendency for people to look back on just the good things. In the process, they lose sight of the reasons why the breakup happened in the first place. In case thoughts of getting back with your ex come across your mind, try to judge the events that happened prior to the breakup in the most objective way possible. Did the good things in your relationship outweigh the bad ones? Or is it the other way around? If you feel like you are incapable of being objective in the emotional state that you’re in, try to talk to your friends about it and let them do the judging.

Tip No. 2: Be the person that your partner fell in love with. How much have you changed since you got into the relationship? Did you cease to become the person that your partner knew and loved? If that were the case, then consider going back to your old ways. If you’re the one at fault, then make up for your mistakes. Make yourself worth the second chance.Tip No. 3: Work on your appearance. Did your relationship—and its eventual dissolution—take a toll on your appearance? If that’s the case then it’s about time you work on your looks. Go to the salon, treat yourself to a nice day in the spa, buy clothes that highlight your best features—as long as it will make you look and feel attractive, do it. And once you’ve achieved all of these, that’s when you meet up with your ex. Show him/her that you’re doing better than that person he/she broke up with.
Tip No. 4: Rehearse in your mind the words that you’re planning to say to him. If you’re planning to get back together with your ex, it wouldn’t help if you make yourself look like a blubbering idiot in front of him/her. So in this case, the best thing that you could do is practice your lines inside your head. It might come across as awkward or scripted for some but that’s one of the best things that you could do to prevent blowing off your second—and most likely, last—chance. In such a situation, words can have a really deep impact so if you screw things up, you are most probably not going to get another chance to make it right. Practice until you get the “right” way of expressing your feelings.

Tip No. 5: Ask your ex to go on friendly dates with you. Once the tension between you and your ex has subsided, ask him/her to do stuff with you. Tell him/her that you’re just going to do it for old time’s sake. Eat lunch, watch movie, play bowling, grab a drink or two—whatever you do, make it fun and memorable. And remember this one crucial point: leave the serious talks for later lest you want to scare your ex away. For the time being, focus on getting his/her affections back.Tip No. 6: Send the right signals. All of these tips would be rendered futile if you don’t know how to execute them correctly. If you want to act on the “I want my ex back” kind of thinking, then your behavior should reflect just that.

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