Family relationships have played an integral role in my spiritual life lessons. God laughed when she allowed me to be born the last of 8 daughters of such a mixed, taped together family, I am sure of it. We all have different personalities. Four of us grew up in the same household, four others we found out about over time. My birth father was a “rolling stone”. He passed on when I was five with an un-manifested dream of having a son. Funny enough approximately 15 grandsons now exist and carry on his blood line. We are not sure the exact number; some sisters are out of reach.

When you are the youngest in a family you get the unique opportunity of watching your older siblings. Some of mine fell into the trappings of life, raised up and beat the challenges, achieve happiness, create lives or experience pain and death. Whatever the story is, you do get the chance to make different choices, or follow in footsteps laid out before you.

I am sharing this story to offer some relief. I have witnessed heartache on the boards lately with some friends. I share my story in hopes of starting a healing circle. If you have healing techniques, maybe you can share them as well.

I have one sister in particular who has lived such a full life, seen the world twice over, was famous in the 80’s and is terribly sick now, laying in the hospital going on 3 months with no kidneys, totally self destructed by her own choice. When I was younger, I would cry and be emotionally upset for her and certain family members who were self destructing in front of my eyes.

I have no tears.

When you understand that life never ends, love is all there is, the material world is always changing, and there is no wrong, it is easier to grasp the visual hardships of life around us and not judge the suffering or the ones who possible may help the suffering occur.

“Feel the feeling and drop the story.” Eckhart Tolle.
This brings a great amount of healing to the emotional pain body in us.

“We must remember, our life situations are not our life." Eckhart Tolle.

The Ego Loves Situations to Feed the Pain Body. It pulls our focus off of our true self, our power spot, pulls us out of the GAP.

We can create great emotional pain by being caught in the “situations” of our own or others. A better option may be to see it from the end the way we want the outcome to be and place our attention in a power spot.

Envision a loved one healthy and enjoying life, instead of sick.
Envision freedom for those captured, see them home.
Envision health, happiness and balance for those physiologically ill.

Envision yourself in perfect health and doing what you love.
Envision yourself in love with the perfect mate.
Envision yourself in abundance and enjoying life.

The outcome is up to the free will and the Divine, obviously. I just want to ensure I am feeding the dream from a power spot, not a low vibration pain body spot.

“There are two sides to every topic, you are either supporting a cause or not, just be sure you know what side you are on!” Abraham Hicks.

I hope with all the planetary challenges and situations happening, this post offers some tools for comfort in your space if needed.

From A Big Space in My Heart,
Renay Matthews

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