Civil Services is a highly sought after career choice. If there is any career option that the youth chooses over engineering or MBBS, it is civil services. It is way beyond other careers and brings along a certain stature and reputation that no other job can provide you. However, even in civil services there are certain jobs which have gained more popularity than others. Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is one such job offered by civil services of India. Like all the other service, IAS recruitment also requires clearing of the IAS exam and interview. Union Public Service Commission is appointed to conduct exams for civil services. It also designs the question paper.

Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is a good profile job. It gives you power to make changes in the society. You are placed in strategically position based on your ranking in the merit list, after your training session is complete. People say life before IAS is tough, however once you whole-heartedly commit yourself to the preparation and clear the exams, life is much more luxurious and worth living. You are not only given a good income but also additional perks which no other job will provide you with. A house and a care is also allotted to you, which would put you one notch above than others. If this is not enough, you are given the major responsibility of managing the bureaucracy. You get the power to uproot ills from the society which you have encountered earlier in your life. You will get a chance to redress the grievances of the common masses.

Clearing the IAS exam set up by UPSC is a very difficult job. You preparation has to be the best in order to get high scores and reach the interview level. Practicing is the best way to improve your accuracy. There are many model question papers available in the internet or bookstores which acquaint you with the pattern of the question paper. Once you get an idea of the kind of questions asked, you can prepare much better. Also, pay focus on current affairs as they are also an important part of the IAS question paper.

With a good preparation and a confident self you can easily clear the IAS exam and the interview round as well. The selection rate adopted for any services by Uttar Pradesh Service Commission is very low, therefore your preparation has to be extraordinary in order to score better than others.

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