Civil Services offer wide options of job opportunities. All the jobs offered by Civil Services of India are high-notch jobs and are highly coveted in today's time. One such job opportunity is the post of Indian Administrative Officer (IAS). An IAS Officer undertakes the responsibility of managing the bureaucracy. A very tough procedure precedes the final recruitment. One has to undergo challenging exams, almost throughout the year to finally reach the interview stage and then get recruited. The exams are divided into IAS prelims and IAS mains which ensure entry of the best candidate.
You are aware that IAS exams are considered the toughest. One has to prepare thoroughly in order to score well. Candidates in strengths of thousands appear for this exam; however the selection rate is very less. Due to the demand of IAS as a career choice, the question paper standards are set very high and only the most deserving candidates are able to clear the exam. There are many students who try 2-3 times in order to finally clear these exams. So what makes these exams so difficult?
The exams continue for almost an year. Since these exams are divided into two stages, IAS prelims and IAS mains exam, the commencement of the two stages takes almost an year. This means, you have to dedicate an entire year for the preparation.
The Questions are not confined to academic knowledge. In both, IAS mains and IAS prelims and even in the interview round, a large portion of questions consist of current affairs of India.
Also, if you have prepared well but your Vocabulary is limited, you are unprepared. It is very important to extend your vocabulary as much as you can because there is a specific section that consists of Vocabulary.
You have to start preparing for the IAS mains exam, before he IAS prelims because after the result of IAS prelims exam is announced, you will not get enough time to prepare for IAS Mains. However, you are only eligible for IAS mains if you clear the IAS prelims exam.

There is a lot of hard work and dedication that precedes the recruitment level, however, the result is worth all the efforts. An IAS officer is looked upon by all the others and gives you a sense of pride and stature. You have to give equal importance to both the IAS prelims and IAS mains exam and prepare thoroughly. After, vigorous training, the recruited candidates are strategically posted to different parts of the country based on their rank in the merit list and their capabilities.

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