Here’s what goes through the minds of most ladies whenever their partner breaks up with them: “He’s made the greatest mistake of his existence! Following all he put me through?! What’s wrong with me? I want to destroy him- why won’t he like me?!”
The ideas and emotions a breakup swirls together could be like a drug, changing your personality completely and making “acting normal” seem tough or impossible! We’ve been there, and we all know it’s entirely natural to feel this way. But in the event you truly feel that things should have gone differently, then it is still not too late to set things right. Just make certain that you steer clear of these “woman scorned” archetypes, and in the event you really feel like you presently are one- You aint gonna get back again your guy this way. Stop, lady. Really. Just stop.

The Tear Jerker

The tear jerker is a lady who cannot stop crying about the split up. Any small thing- his favorite song, an advertisement they once watched with each other, will set her to wailing about star crossed love. The most unfortunate thing is, the tear jerker even cries when talking with her ex boyfriend, whilst hoping he’ll take her back again!

If you’re a tear jerker type (and to some degree, aren’t we all?) then you should do anything to obtain your groove back. In the event you really want your ex boyfriend to come back to you, remain away from him- at least till you can keep it with each other. Weeping simply pushes him away.

The Hostage Taker

The hostage taker utilizes misguided threats to attempt to stave off or reverse the end of the relationship. If it weren’t so common, we’d barely think that anyone could think this would function. If you’re threatening to turn him into the cops, destroy his record collection, report him to the IRS, or inform his mother what you two did last summer, it’s really not going to do the job.

The Beatles sang “You Can’t Buy Me Love.” Well you can’t extort it, either.

The Sudden Psycho

Breakups can have got a way of making some women go a bit crazy. Or even a lot crazy. Whether you’re just a little or a great deal kind of girl, no matter how strong that wish gets to “crazy it up a little,” always resist the temptation to turn out to be the sudden psycho.

It makes you appear bad, you will regret it later, and it’ll Never win back an ex boyfriend. Just walk away ladies, simply stroll away.

The Scary Stalker

If you’re afraid that you are final “chance” encounter at the grocery store, or that final *tiny* Fb message may have been too much, then you can be the scary stalker. In this age of social networks and email, the urge to just have a little more communication with your ex boyfriend may easily spin out of control. Presently there was a time when the Scary Stalker was a rare kind of individual, willing to wait outside homes and keep track of work schedules. Now the scary stalker is the most common type of girl who by no means wins back their man!

When you notice any scary stalker tendencies in yourself, pull away, go on holiday for a week, and arrive back a sexier, much less frightening version of yourself (who now stalks her ex boyfriend moderately).

Don’t be one of the 4 kinds of ladies who never win back their ex boyfriends, and you might just turn out to be one of the four kinds of ladies who DO win back again their lost loves. If only life was as easy as it is predictable…

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