Guarding Professional licensed security guards are specialists in their field. Your hand-picked manned guarding provides a range of security services in and around London region:
• Static site security
• Reception and security management
• Gatehouse security
• Event security management
• Lock and unlock service
• Construction site security
• Port security
• Retail security
• Door supervisors
• Patrol Serve (Mobile Security / Bike Patrol)
• Neighbourhood security
• Monitoring
• Free security Risk Assessment & Consultancy
• Industrial / Warehouse and distribution guarding
• Close protection officers and the principle of p6
• Public sector
• Access control and visitor management systems
• CCTV Systems 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week Remote

Whether you need ongoing manned guarding, extra staffs for peak times or holiday relief security services, the Guarding Professional guards are fully trained, reliable and smartly dressed to represent your organisation. They will work independently, or as part of your in-house security guarding team.
1. The first thing you need to do is not some extensive research of the security industry, identifying a number of security service companies that would do a good job and are within your budget. By simply rooting through on-line directories and ciphering several websites you can get a feel for a manned guarding company, identifying whether they offer other services such as the following professional security services. If they offer a variety of security services then it could be worth looking into having an integrated security package to heighten security, not just at the doors.
2. As the security company will source security professionals to your company, you want to ensure that those security guards are of the highest calibre and have been thoroughly screen checked. You don't want any dodgy characters sent your way that may assist a robbery or adopt a lazy attitude to protecting your premises. So, make sure you enquire as to whether they have a thorough screening policy.
3. Get the best price. All companies are in business to make a profit so be sure to request quotes from a variety of small and large manned guarding companies. The smaller security service companies may offer more for your money, as they could offer a more personalised approach to the service, giving regular feedback and progress reports whereas a larger company that is a little cheaper may have cut back on communications yet conducts tight services.
4. Can they offer you more than security guard services? If so, then maybe later down the line you could have a security strategy that will guarantee the security of the firm whilst on a competitive rate. It may be cost effective to have CCTV monitoring with guards on hand, or to have a mobile patrol team monitoring the premises throughout the day.
5. Lastly it is important that the manned guarding company has strong accreditations with the security governing bodies. Make sure the security company has an accreditation from the SIA as the SIA has reviewed and accepted affiliation with security companies, guaranteeing that they truly offer a great security service. You will often see the SIA logo on a professional security company’s website and marketing materials, if they have not; look around until you find a company that does.
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Jane Parker has been a part of agency that provides security services, for years. She is an owner of a -manned guarding- service at the moment.