I remembered the first time I was asked that question by my mentor Steve. I could still remember the sly expression on his face when I kept struggling with the question and realized the question was not as easy as I thought it was. After hours of frustrated efforts to come up with the reply that felt genuine and natural, I stormed out of his presence, half-mad, half-confused, and deeply sad because I could not answer a question as simple and logical as that. Four days later Steven called me to his presence and asked if I had decided on what my answer would be. I remembered looking him straight in the face and with the calmest of voices spoke "I would find a way to give them something that could make them feel and relive every happy memory they have ever had." My mentor looked at me and even though he was trying to hide his smile of satisfaction he replied "Son, today you have proven yourself wisest of all my students." He further added that tons of money, nice friends, luxury cars, Expensive life styles, though make our lives easier, however, they do not constitute to what makes us human. What makes us human and not salvages, he said is the memories we keep and share. It took me years to come to terms to what he actually meant, I realized that I would never call my father "dad", if I did not have memories of him while growing up. I came to conclude that the difference between a happy family and a disgruntled one was the ratio of good to bad memories experienced. A kid grows-up to be a serial killer because all he has are abused memories while he was a kid and whenever he remembers those painful memories all he wishes to do is to share those pain with his victims, so likely a philanthropist who dishes out good deeds because he wish to share his good memories with the world.

Memories are everything, some people even speculate that heaven is a place where you go and relive all your happy memories forever. Of course, I do not know if this is true but, could you imagine if you could relive all your happy memories every time and anytime you want to. How happy everyone would be?

The first time I came across a digital frame I was astounded by its technological concept. Man imitation of heaven. I actually first saw it in my friend's house hanging on the wall, initially I ignored it and assumed it was a regular picture frame, until the photo changed and I fell in love. I spent the next two hours just looking at it admiring the photos that were being side shown. Mostly adventurous times we all shared together, I found myself feeling and experience those events as the flashed across the digital frame LCD screen. Pictures of friends I haven't seen in like 10 years. I left his house that day all bubbly feeling like a kid who just saw SANTA CLAUS for the first time. Ever since that first encounter I became a digital frame aficionado. I immediately purchased two quality digital frame brands; I got my lovely mother one and one for a very special friend of mine. When I explained the functions of the digital photo frames and successfully set them up for they, their happiness were profound, my mum quickly told me to transfer pictures of her and my dad during their prime [how cute] and transferred more photos to the digital frame from her 1920's desktop computer. Watching those photos come to live was even more electrifying and fulfilling than the digital photo frames I presented which proved to be totally worth it.

Digital Photo Frames are for anyone who is looking for a way to give a gift that is more than just a gift. A gift that lightens any environment it is placed. A digital frame is ideal for couples, and a blessing for our soldiers abroad, what better way to keep them informed about life back home than a slide show of events on a digital frame. My most recommended site to purchase a digital frame is DigitalFramesToday.com; they offer world-class customer service, quality digital photo frames, for affordable prices. And best of all they offer FREE SHIPPING. Visit DigitalFramesToday.com and give a gift that breathes life. Enter coupon Code "MEMORY" and get 10%off any order.

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