We’re told that human beings were “made in the image of G-d.” What does that mean? Obviously, the Creator is omniscient, omnipotent entity without limitations of any type.

Well, it basically means that we should emulate G-d’s benign, benevolent manner. Another way to approach this concept is to remember the statement of the great Hebrew sage, Hillel, “That which is offensive to you, don’t do to others.”
Here are a few ideas:

1. Try to be punctual when you have a meeting;
2. Don’t speak loudly on your iphone when other people are nearby (not everyone is interested in knowing about the trip you are planning)
3. Look at people when they are speaking to you (it’s not the time to multi-task)
4. Have your credit card out before you get the total price of your items is computed at the supermarket, don’t needlessly delay the people on line behind you by beginning to look for it when the final amount is calculated;
5. Sneeze or cough into our arm pit, not into the open air;
6. Let people into your traffic lane when it’s practical to do so;
7. Try not to raise your voice when speaking with others; if you each see a particular issue differently, just let it be, etc.

It’s really not hard to be “G-dlike.”

Author's Bio: 

The author, Brian Siegel, is a graduate of Syracuse University (Phi Beta Kappa/Magna Cum Laude) and Columbia Law School (Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar). In addition to academic excellence, Brian wrote a popular 12-book series of exam-taking manuals for law students entitled, “Siegel’s Answers to Essay and Multi-Choice Questions.” Over 200,000 copies of these books have been sold.

A conscientious Bible student, Brian was profoundly impressed by the ethical, sensitivity and character refinement precepts embedded in Genesis and the attendant Jewish Oral Tradition. Although established thousands of years ago, these timeless messages unquestionably engender a happier, more elevated, satisfying life.

It’s been said that the way to make a better world starts by improving ourselves. Brian is confident that applying the teachings described above has enhanced his own character. He sincerely hopes that “The Original Self-Help Book, Life Lessons from Genesis” will inspire others to also undertake this effort. If this occurs, Brian would be pleased to prepare additional life lessons from the Bible.

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