There is no doubt that the exterior of your house needs to remain the sturdiest part of your home and this is why you should consider metal roofing when you are building or renovating. This is the reason most people today will opt to go beyond the everyday classic shingles so that the souse structure is secure from top to bottom. There are several reasons why metal roofing is a good option and we are going to look at some of them.

Durability: While the other roofing options such as shingles have a lifespan of 20-30 years, metal roofing is guaranteed to last more than 50 years. You should also be aware that metal roofing will also help you save energy because it keeps the cold out of the house and holds the heat inside. The other part of its durability has to do with wind resistance as well as resistance to water or fire damage.

Cost-Effectiveness: Most people think that metal roofing is extremely costly but the truth is that there is nothing that is cheaper when it comes to roofing; consider also the fact that the roof will last your entire lifetime. The materials will only cost you an average of $200 for every 100 square feet to do a standard installation. This is much higher than steel that will cost you above $800 for every 100 square feet. While shingles are known to cost less, they don’t match up metal roofing in terms of benefits and quality.

Ease of Installation: For those who enjoy remodeling and some DIY, they usually find it difficult to work with shingles. Part of the reason is that they need to be applied individually and they must be nailed and sealed to prevent problems such as tearing and leaking. When dealing with metal roofing you will be using a truss and lightweight panels which makes the entire assignment quite easy. Even when you have professionals do the job for you, you can be sure of making a big saving especially on labor cost using this highly reliable roofing material.

Maintenance: When you use metal roofing there is no fear that you could lose a whole panel in the unfortunate event that there is a windstorm or that you could be left susceptible to massive hailstones, falling branches or some heavy snow cover. All that you may have to do every once in a while after a heavy windstorm is to simply tighten up a few bolts here and there; when compared to the rest, this type of roofing is quite secure. This roof is rust proof and requires very little care after installation.

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