Spousal maintenance helps you to run family expense and meet your daily needs. It is a necessary financial support for a partner to lead an independent life after divorce & separation.

Spousal maintenance is a form of financial assistance paid by either the wife or the husband to support various types of expenses. It means it could payment of bills such as mortgage payments, utility bills, health insurance child education and other household expenses. This financial support could be in terms of money or assets. This obligation may continue after divorce & separation, but the extent of amount will vary depending on the income of spouse responsible for paying this important alimony. Despite its wording, it not only applies only to the married couples, but it also applies in de factor relationship. It can be temporary and or on permanent basis depending on your circumstances or situations.

Who will Pay Spousal Maintenance?

This depends on who earned more during the marriage. The award of spousal maintenance is generally based on some important factor such as the length of marriage, earning ability of both the spouses, contribution of a spouse in a marriage, the age and health of the partners, child support, household expenses and the overall standard of living. These ongoing support payments are often made in situations where one partner has to look after children. But there are also situations where maintenance can be awarded. Even if there are no children in a relationship, one spouse may still be required to pay the alimony depending on the situation. So, there are different circumstances that enforce alimony.

If your relationship has come to an end and you are in financial crisis due to this. You need contact an expert family lawyer to determine whether you can apply for spousal maintenance or not. If your income is lower than your spouse and your circumstances like family expenses, duration of marriage, standard of living, financial contribution in acquiring a property and so on suggest that you should be given monitory support, the court may issue spousal maintenance orders, which are enforceable on the spouse with higher income. The partner with higher income will have to pay financial to the divorced spouse under family law. He will have to make timely payments as specified in the alimony order.

Applying for Spousal Maintenance During or After Divorce & Separation

If you want make an application for spousal maintenance, it must be made within 12 months of a divorce becoming final. In case, you do not apply within this time, you will have to special permission of the family court. If you have separated but do not have idea as to how to apply for this, consulting an experienced family lawyer would be of great help. Family lawyers are aware of family law, its history, changes and new developments in it. They can help you draft and secure financial support from your spouse after divorce & separation. They can even advise you on how you should apply for alimony.

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