Many people look to sell their house themselves in order to save on the somewhat outrageous real estate agent fees. You would normally be expected to pay anywhere from 5% to 7% of your sale price to an agent. However I fully understand that during the current economic climate it is important to save as much money as possible. Therefore in this article I would like to provide you with three tips on how to sell your house yourself.

Prepare Yourself before Preparing Your Home

Do your best to take a hard look at a property that will no longer be your home, but one to be marketed to some other person. Memories are tough to let go, but it's necessary. Your next thought would be to stand back and take a look at your house as objectively as possible.

Go outside, stand on the front sidewalk or driveway and look around. If you were a buyer would you buy this house? Have a neighbor friend do the same thing and insist they give you honest suggestions or ideas. You had better believe that the first thing to know in how to sell your own house is that a prospective buyer will do a drive-by and if the outside looks like nobody has lived there in a year, you may have lost a sale. A few cosmetic touches are worth your time. Pick up kids toys. Cut shrubs if necessary. Mow the lawns. Hose the eaves and get rid of bugs and spider webs.

Prepare The Inside

Remove most of your personal "imprints" you've made inside the home. It's okay to have some family pictures around, but if it looks like a family "shrine" with pictures on every wall - time to depersonalize. Buyers who enter and start looking around want to be able to envision themselves in the home. Another step in how to sell your own house is to make the inside look and smell fresh and maintained. Open house day, bake some cookies.

Other Quick Sale Tips

Have a professional inspection before putting a for sale sign in front. A smart buyer will ask for one before closing the deal, do beat them to it. Fixing defects first shows buyers you're responsible. Setting the right price is crucial. In tight real estate sales markets like today, dropping your price 10 percent below value could make a quick sale.

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