With the recent launch of Google Social Search, it was said that this new innovation in search engine results will give a lot more relevant and refined results. Benefits that internet users will really love and appreciate.

I've been looking forward to this new feature because I want to know what difference it will make to our lives online. I mean, isn't it interesting to see contents from people we are connected with whenever we look for a particular topic on the net?
It's great that Google Social Search gives us resources or results coming from people we know and/or who are in our social circle. The circle will cover those who are in your contacts in Gmail, Google Reader account, and/or your profile.

Google will trace further through our links. For example, you have a friend in Twitter who has a blog site indicated in his Twitter profile. If in case the contents in this friend's blog coincide to what you are searching for on the net, then Google Social Search might have this site show up in the results pages.

Social search is trusted search, they say. I agree with this because I know the people who are in my network and there are reasons why I am connected to them. So, if I get results from people I know, then it must be something worth looking at. Thus, if I type in "best seo tactics" in Google, more likely my friends who often write about SEO will show up in the results.

Google Social Search was made live a few days ago and you can go to their experimental labs to get it. Probably in the upcoming weeks or so, we will be reading more comments and reviews about it. Since it's still under the experimental stage, we cannot expect it to run perfectly.

There might be bugs but I don't think that this will greatly affect the whole service. Google social search is bringing us improved search engine results. I encourage you to take a look at it and even use it because I believe that it will only make internet search results better and more refined.

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