If we take a look at life from God’s position and perspective, we might be pushed to ask ourselves this big question: why are we here on Earth? What was God’s reason for placing us on Earth? Did we get here accidentally? Or, were we intentionally designed with a specific purpose which is different from what we think? Many people and religions agree that our reason for being here is attached to a unique and all-encompassing purpose. One of the major purposes for being here (on Earth) is to find your own destiny by consistently striving to find out/do what you were born to do, and go all out to fulfill it. By achieving fulfillment and greatness, we’ll certainly be able to contribute what we can to the welfare of mankind and the whole world at large.

Another major purpose for being here is to continuously develop spiritually as we travel on our everlasting journey of spirituality. Unfortunately, the minds of most people tend to lead them astray, and into a direction that doesn’t come from their hearts: this distracts them from finding the true purpose of their lives. Most people often think that money, power, success, fame and popularity will create an eternally happy lifestyle for them, and so they vigorously pursue these desires. Other types of people chase these dreams while simultaneously seeking spiritual development; this is the best option because you’ll be using one stone (life on earth) to kill two birds (your dreams, and spiritual development).

Seeking spiritual development and insight into destiny, would give people a more peaceful state of mind and make them feel at least a bit relaxed and calm. Our purpose in life is considerably connected to a great extent with seeking spiritual enlightenment about God’s ethics and kingdom. If our spirits are not sufficiently inspired and motivated, we’ll find it difficult to awaken the real truth about our life’s purpose. A major key towards realizing spiritual development and enlightenment is to follow your intuition — your spiritual thinking — and your heart. We have to find out our purpose in life and live it to the fullest from deep within our souls. Living our life in this manner will imbibe stillness within our minds, and then we’ll naturally be able to let go of negative emotions, hopelessness, fear, guilt, malice and false beliefs which normally preoccupy the human mind.

If we become successful in making the pursuit of spirituality a habit, our minds will automatically tune into a greater reality that would help in achieving a stable level of spiritual enlightenment and continuous spiritual development. In summary, locate your life’s purpose. If you can succeed in doing so, then you won’t have much to worry about, and you will be contented with everything you have, no matter what position you are in life. Everyone has to learn how to let go of bad memories often associated with the past: don’t harbor them within your minds. In dropping the odds and negatives, our minds will gradually become more still as time passes by. Also, we have to develop a personality that can’t be negatively influenced by the outward (material) changes so often associated with life. In so doing, our minds will become less affected by any change in external situations. Another important thing to do is to rid ourselves of fear(s) associated with a lack of faith. This fear often keeps many people away from moving towards the direction of their destinies. Such negative traits prevent us from believing in God, the spiritual world, and eternity.

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