Some might think that lighting up an incense is as simple as lighting up with the use of a match, and that’s it. There’s a reason why people should be extra careful when handling fire. Fire can burn up a whole house, including the other houses surrounding it when not caught early. A small incense stick may look just like that, but if not burned the proper way, this could easily lead to a big disaster.

And that is what incense burners are all about. To make lighting one safer for the user and the other people within the vicinity. What makes up a good incense burner? A good incense burner should serve its purpose. For example, if you are using cone incense, then your burner should be the right kind and be able to accommodate it. Another way to spot a good incense burner is if it’s a great decorative piece for a room and blends well with the other stuff inside it. But the best way to choose a right incense burner is if this is made with the right material. Go for the ones that are fire-resistant, materials like ceramic, stones, crystals, metal and the like.

To ensure that you are burning your incense the proper way, here are some tips, in accordance to the types of incense that you are using.

  1. For cylinder and cone incense

For cone incense, the most commonly used incense burners are made of brass. These usually come in the form of bowls with lids. If you want to use this type of incense, choose an incense burner with a size big enough to at least accommodate your three fingers. This will make it easier for you to put the cone inside the burner. Furthermore, the walls should be high enough to protect the cone from falling out. To use the incense, put a small amount of ash, dry grain, or sand at the bottom of the burner. Doing this will not only improve airflow but will also protect the burner from heat. Remember those brass burners should not be used on wooden surfaces. Then, light up the incense inside the burner.

  1. For cored sticks incense

Cored stick incense are often burned with the use of boat incense burners. These burners can be made anywhere from stone, glass, wood, or ceramic. The boat incense burner has an upward curve at the end. Some varieties may even offer a storage area underneath in. This type of incense burner is very common in the market. This will have a small hole where you can place the incense stick. To use this together with the incense stick, just stick the incense on the hold and light up with lighter or a matchstick. While there are wooden boat burners available, we recommend that you go for the fire-resistant types for extra safety.

  1. For solid incense sticks

Unlike cored sticks, these will burn all the way through. You cannot use a wooden incense burner for solid incense sticks. A bowl burner made of fire resistant material will work best with solid incense sticks.


When burning incense sticks, make sure that you exercise fire safety. Use the right incense burner!

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