Let's talk about the ways to generate revenue and increase sales.

First, let's examine three traditional methods that most traditional salespeople use to generate revenue:

* The first method to generate revenue is to simply respond to things like requests for proposals and requests for quotes.

In this model, buyers specify the products and service and the terms of the transaction with very strict guidelines. They can compare their options side-by-side using one set of criteria. This gives them an "apples-to-apples" comparison of suppliers. Price is the major factor. You have limited ways to add value.

* The second method is to be an "order taker." There really is no "selling" required. It's simply a matter of passively gathering orders.

* The third method commonly used by traditional salespeople involves pitching your products and services to prospects in hopes that some of them will buy.

We often see people so focused on their presentation that they don't spend the time to find out what the qualified prospective buyer actually wants. The idea is if you throw enough stuff out there that maybe something will stick and they will be interested.

These methods have you chasing prospects for revenue, but there is a fourth way, a better way to generate income, that will allow you to attract clients who need or desire your products or services.

You can focus on qualified buyers who will pay you well and also be a delight to work with.

The fourth method is where you add real value, and you proactively identify and approach likely prospects. This is called consultative-style selling. It is the interactive process of convincing buyers that they will benefit from taking actions different from those they might otherwise have taken without your counsel and participation.

In this case, the hallmark of the selling is not pitching, but it's your ability to change buyer beliefs and behaviors.

Start by defining your customers' problem, then identify the positive impact that they will get with your help.

You must paint both pictures - the before and the after. In order for them to be able to believe in you, they have to understand that you understand their pain, and that your product or service is going to take them where they want to go. You must be considered the expert.

How do you become a recognized expert in your field? Whether you're a coach, a business owner, an entrepreneur, or anything else, there are two key criteria that are very important.

1. Do not judge. No one likes to be judged. You are not considered an expert if you are judging people. People want to be inspired by you and to be motivated by you, and the way you do that is to acknowledge and validate what it is that they're feeling, what they've been experiencing, what they'd like to get, and to make it clear that working with you and with your products and services, they will actually be able to achieve that.

2. Become a learning facilitator. This is a term which you wouldn't necessarily think fits into sales. In consultative sales, you actually are a learning facilitator. You achieve this by listening to them, working with them, guiding them, and serving as a mentor beyond just selling them something. When you're a learning facilitator they too will learn how to work with you, and you will then have a lasting favorable impact.

Would you like to focus on qualified buyers who will pay you well and also be a delight to work with?

Imagine a highly responsive list of clients who return to you time and again because they believe in you and feel that you are always there for them.

Imagine how great you will feel when you are spending far less time "chasing possible clients" and instead focusing on people and companies who need, want and desire your services or products.

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