Market research is a great way for businesses to increase sales. One of the main reasons businesses reach out to market research companies is to identify trends within the business, focus on what the customer is thinking, and proceed to adapt to customer demand if they are not meeting it at that particular time.

Paid and free customer satisfaction surveys reach out to people who are willing to answer questions in relation to whatever project they are currently working on.

A business may utilize market research for:

Previewing Ads Before They Come Out
Analyzing Current Products
Analyzing Competitor Products
Future Products
In Home Product Testing
Analyzing Services
Customer Satisfaction Surveys

All of these projects are just a tip of the iceberg. The amount of data that can be researched by certain research companies is truly amazing. Companies have even developed their own proprietary software to take all of the data from people who complete surveys, and spit out some detailed results for businesses to use to make changes or give pats on the back to people who made the business a success.

Is investing in a survey to be conducted worth the money? In 2017 a study was conducted with an auto dealership that found out the business received a 750% return on its market research investment. This was a 3 year study that was conducted. One of the other notable findings were customers did not like being over surveyed. This is when the business lost interest of the customer. By delivering fewer surveys it increased the revenue and helped the automotive dealership to gain more business and increase sales.

Another aspect for businesses to achieve results is to send out paid surveys to people. These are different than free customer satisfaction surveys where the survey is optional for people to fill out after a purchase or e-mail. Paid surveys are usually conducted online after people join a website who offers them. The website is free to join and people might even receive a sign on bonus just for becoming a member.

Businesses seek out people who join paid survey sites and work in conjunction with market research companies to create business insight projects such as cash surveys for people to take. People who get paid for taking surveys are screened more... so when a person gets qualified to take a survey for the business the data that comes back is like gold.

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