In the present situation, right from food ordering to buying clothes online, mobile applications are all around us. Life without these mobile applications is unimaginable. It becomes necessary for a startup to work with a technology that is more established. In addition, there is likely nothing more common out there than Android. In this extremely competitive business world, by investing in Android application development, startups have superior opportunities to make a mark for themselves. Here is a list of reasons why startups should look for Android app development to reach their dream.

Some Crucial Factors That Make Android Applications Vital For Startups

For a startup, it is vital to make the right choice and choose the most reliable and robust application development platform.

1. Android apps become popular faster- the Android app market is flooded with a huge number of mobile applications. Regardless of the fact, it offers an incredible chance to stand apart from your business. You can take your startup business far from the industry competition by following the best practices for Android app development.

2. Better marketing opportunities- Unlike iOS, Android applications are not constrained to only one application store. After verifying their apps, Android app developers are able to submit their apps to other third-party platforms beyond Google Play Store. Thus, the apps are available to the users on a variety of platforms. Furthermore, Android application development lets developers advertise their applications better. It is because Google Play permits application developers to choose from an assortment of marketing methodologies that it offers.

3. More wide-ranging reach- Being a startup you can enjoy immense benefits of android app development. Android applications are accessible from the wide demographic reach. Market static uncovers that the android market share is more prominent than you can anticipate.

4. Simple entry into the market- The money crunch is a steady aspect with a huge part of the new businesses. However, entrepreneurs only need to invest a reasonable amount for the license when they go for Android app development. Therefore, it does not put a hole in entrepreneurs’ pockets. With respect to iOS, the business logo, design, and publishing approaches here are a very little drudge, thus helps the new businesses for getting themselves market at a reasonable sum.

5. More options for customization- When it comes to customization, Android app development allows for more options. This allows developers, to create apps that have several functionalities. As a result, the app becomes much more flexible and fits your business idea. Ranging from communication and multimedia to data management Android allows for the integration of a number of tools.

6. Extended ROI- Android provides you free access to all the development tools and software development kit (SDK) as it is an open-source platform for the developers. Custom-based mobile applications can be built effectively through Android app development and undeniably reduce the development cost.

7. Rapid App Building- Being Android an open-source platform its code libraries are easily available. With respect to other web application development, Android mobile app development takes lesser time. Your startup will be able to obtain quicker returns on investment by hiring Android app development services, which is something every startup really needs.

8. Android apps are easy to publish- With comparison to iOS apps; the approval policy of Android apps is quite easier. Android app development involves an easier set of rules and policy. In this manner, you have an incredible opportunity to get your application published on the Google Play Store.

Mobile apps have been of great benefit for numerous people for online payment, shopping, and connecting socially with their friends or colleagues. The selection of the right framework is a vital thing that plays an incredible role in the mobile app development process. Every business today needs a mobile app whether it is B2B or B2C and Android has the biggest reach. Also, from the above-mentioned facts, it becomes evident that Android is the most used platform and it is definitely something you cannot miss.

Final Words-
Because of the various reasons mentioned above Android is the most feasible and viable platform for startups to reach their dream. More than 80% of the market share is occupied by Android. This is a good number and is more than the combined market share of Apple and Windows. It will be a cakewalk for you if you hit all the chords right.

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