Today’s marketplace is characterized by rapid and nonlinear change. New digital technologies are transforming the service sector. Nanotechnology and genetic engineering are revolutionizing the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries. Formerly distinct industries such as mass media entertainment, telephony, and computing are converging. Globalization of commercial networks and infrastructures is turning emerging economies into powerhouses. Customers everywhere are empowered, and their needs are changing rapidly as they live longer in the developed world and live better in the developing world. Such changes affect new industries and old, high-tech and low-tech, manufacturing and services.
As a result, executives find themselves continually reinventing their strategies for web development services in the UK, the underlying assumptions are no longer valid and rivals have steadily copied away any competitive advantage. Strategic innovation can redefine potential customers and can reconceptualize delivered customer value as far as web development services UK are concerned.
Strategic innovation proceeds with strategic experiments-high growth potential new businesses that test the viability of unproven business models. Strategic experiments have ten common characteristics:
• They replicate very high potential for revenue growth
• They target emerging or poorly defined industries created by nonlinear shifts in the industry environment.
• They are launched before any competitor has proven itself and before any clear formula for making a profit has emerged.
• They depart from the corporation’s proven business definition and its assumptions about how business succeed.
• They leverage some of the corporation’s existing assets and capabilities in addition to capital; they are not simply financial investments.
• They require the corporation to develop some new knowledge and capabilities.
• They revolutionize the definition of a business rather than enhance performance within the proven business definition through product line extensions, geographic expansions, or technological improvements.
• They involve multiple dimensions of uncertainty across multiple functions. Potential customers may be mere possibilities. Value propositions are often only guessed because customers themselves have not figured out exactly what they want. And the processes and technologies for delivering products or services are often unproven.
• They remain unprofitable for several quarters or more and thus are too expensive to repeat.
• They are difficult to evaluate. Feedback is delayed and ambiguous and leaders may not know for several quarters, whether they are succeeding or failing.

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