The 4th Industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) is the age of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, automation, and biotechnology. The idea is to use machine learning algorithms to train machines or computers, to mimic human learning in certain tasks. In some cases, even more effectively than a human, creating machines with context-specific intelligence. Industry 4.0 is built on the foundation of the previous information and digital age which has generated large scale datasets. The ultimate goal of AI is to analyze this data, to create intelligent machines with a certain level of perception, cognition and intuition to mimic human-like functioning in some jobs. We can derive actionable insights that can significantly improve the business, reduce inefficiency, and uncover hidden patterns, personalized solution. Some examples of this perception intelligent machine include voice recognition tools like Alexa, and Siri and facial recognition tool in iPhone X series phones. Examples of cognition intelligent machines include Google’s partnership with US DOD to make smarter drones for surveillance and defence, Tesla’s foray into autonomous vehicles, IBM Watson and Lantern Pharma are leveraging AI technology for mapping right cancer drugs to the right cancer patients using a genetic signature with a very high predictive accuracy. One such example for the intuitive machines is India based Intuition Systems’ POS.

Intuition is an award-winning POS and business management technology group in India with a core foundation of data, AI, robotics, software, hardware technologies. Intuition was founded in 2012 when Asai brothers couldn’t find a modern easy to use affordable POS system for their previous restaurant businesses.

The complexity, data, security aspects of the business naturally took Intuition towards integrating machine learning, automation and intuitive user experience in their POS software and hardware.
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