In the last five years, our nation has witnessed a surge in educational brands and franchise based schools along with the group-led educational institutes. These institutes have transformed the conventional education into a comfortable and commercialized entity. Building educational brands are not enough and there is definitely a bigger picture ahead to help it sustain. This is where the true challenges lies.

Education as a brand can be seen as an investment. These days, parents focus more on the brand name rather than other factors like educational and infrastructural facilities and career opportunities the institute offers. Hence, there lies a great challenge for brands to bring innovation and much needed change in the interaction methodologies taking place in the classroom, moving them ahead from the traditional methods of education and focusing on the overall growth of students.

The Knowledge Review thus presents a special issue “India’s 10 Best Education Brands for 2019”, which highlights the best educational brands, which are providing a more adequate and equalitarian education system. These brands are providing each individual a better chance at a decent education. Additionally, they are adapting to the changing time, evolving with the current trends, all the while striking a difference in the audience’s perceptions.


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