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Games have been an integral part of our lives, only their forms have changed throughout the course of time. While in ancient times, going out for a game meant hunting, in recent times one need not even go out and instead play an interactive game that looks and feels like being in a forest for hunting.

According to a recent report by Maple Capital Advisors titled, Gaming - India Story, there are over 400 gaming startups in India. Mobile gaming has a lion’s share of nearly 85 per cent of the country’s online gaming market. Increased usage of smartphone and the penetration of the cloud gaming has assisted the surge.

As we still battle a pandemic and most of the industries try to regain control over their finances, the Gaming Industry has been making profits. With nowhere to go but the internet, people of all ages and demographics took to different forms of online gaming.

Gaming companies have been designing games that can run on basic smartphones and consoles to exclusive gaming devices and personal computers. With Artificial Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality, the efforts are to make gaming experiences as immersive and real-life like as possible.

With newer technological marvels being introduced every other day, the industry is more likely to migrate completely to cloud platforms that could eliminate the requirement of specialized consoles and even downloading games. It will let gamers play anywhere, anytime and support gaming enthusiasts at an instant, making multiplayer gaming even more exciting.

In this edition of Insights Success, we present India’s Best Interactive Gaming Companies to Watch. These companies are leveraging their imagination and creativity to create experiences that leave you asking for more.

We set the dice rolling with Cipherfolks IT Solutions Pvt Ltd, a leader in the field of digital development where its products are accessible to distinct patrons. Apart from interactive gaming solutions, the company offers Web development, Mobile app development, IoT solutions and more.

The edition also features Ability Games, a gaming solution provider company which provides the best gaming experience across the gaming industry; AIS Technolabs Pvt Ltd, a company capable of delivering the most complex of gaming app solution requirements; Awakeen Studio Pvt. Ltd, one of the most promising and fastest-growing AR/VR Development companies all over India; Longbow Games, which has unique and interesting games very close to being released; and OAO India Pvt Ltd (OAO India), which offers expert gaming and web development solutions to its clients. 

We also present Interviews with Lalit Sharma, CEO & Founder, Decipher Zone Softwares and Mohit Sureka, Founder Spiel Studios.

We would also like to applaud the contributions of Games2Win, Infinity Gaming Solutions
Nilee Games, and NODWINGAMING.

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