A Pre-wedding shoot comes under wedding photography and has turned out to be compulsory nowadays. It is all about getting captured in a professional way with your partner. The theme, location, and outfits vary from couple to couple. The Pre Wedding shoot is the newest trend, but it is growing rapidly. In a country like India, where arranged marriages are all the parent's desires, the Pre Wedding shoot is the best time to get over the shyness. This is the time you spend with your partner and photographer. This is the time when you can actually explore new places and just have fun. You can also spend some quality and fun time with your partner. Also, this is a good opportunity for you to gel up with your photographer. For Pre-Wedding Photographers in Lucknow, you should visit New Sahu Digital Studio who has a team of most excellent and talented photographs who converse your memories for a lifetime.

What is the difference between Engagement and Pre Wedding Shoot?

Some people confuse Pre Wedding shoots with engagement shoots, but they are really different from each other. An engagement shoot is done on the day of the ring ceremony. The bride and the groom wear a fancy outfit and the location is already planned. A Pre Wedding shoot is all about getting your photos and videos captured at a beautiful and exotic location. An engagement shoot is more of a formal shoot. On the other hand, a Pre Wedding shoot is an informal shoot where you and your partner can get captured more freely. There is no family member to disrupt your romantic time with your partner. An engagement shoot happens with all the other family members, so it might get awkward for the couple to pose romantically in front of the camera.

The recent trends in Pre Wedding photography keep changing very frequently. People are constantly looking for fresh ideas and something different. They want things to be different as ideas keep getting old really fast because of the ever-growing presence of social media. Many Pre Wedding photographers keep posting different Pre Wedding shoots on their social media. The trends keep changing but ultimately the choice is solely based on a couple’s preferences and tastes. Some couples might go all romantic with their Pre Wedding shoot. They might get captured under the stars while kissing each other. Or they might go for a simple candle-light Pre Wedding shoot. Other couples might want to go all sassy and weird with their Pre Wedding shoot.

What are the benefits of Pre Wedding Shoot?

These days you can’t take your Pre Wedding shoot lightly. Even professional wedding photography companies are focusing on the different types of Pre Wedding shoots. There are many benefits of a Pre Wedding shoot which you must know before you get your own Pre Wedding shoot done. A Pre Wedding shoot can actually change everything. You can be yourself without any worries. You both can actually spend some dreamy time together. During the wedding preparations and celebrations, things become so hectic that you just forget what it feels like to be alone with your partner. The love and emotion you felt at the start of your relationship must be missing during some months of the wedding preparation. So, to stop and feel those things again, you must get your Pre Wedding shoot done. It will actually bring you and your partner closer than ever.

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