I have lived a long life and had many troubles, most of which never happened. Mark Twain

Worry is like an April Fool’s Joke without the laughs! Leanna Fredrich

Anxiety is nothing… but repeatedly re-experiencing failure in advance. What a waste. Seth Godin

Thinking it Through…

Since I have been working lately on coauthoring a book about using the wisdom of your body I have become much more aware of my body sensations. For example when I wake up in the morning, usually the first sensation I notice is a racy or tight feeling in my stomach. Usually these sensations point to fear and anxiety. So early in the morning?! So then I asked myself what was causing those feelings? The answer was worry. Sometimes I’m worried about something specific but I am quite ashamed to say that often it is just random,undefined worry. I’m afraid that I have a bit of a worry habit. There’s a good chance I was born with the natural talent of worrying. Perhaps that is what kept my ancestors alive and well ahead of the jaws of a saber-tooth tiger but in this “kinder, gentler” time worry is hurting not helping me. Can you relate? Worry is such a waste of time as it doesn’t solve a thing and most often what I am worried about won’t happen anyway.

So here are a few tools from a “Professional Worrier” (Me!) to help fill your life with more peace and less worry.

Write it down! You can do this anytime you catch yourself worrying. Instead of letting the worries spin around in your head write them down. It is amazing how small and impotent they look on paper.

Start the day with gratitude. I’ve noticed the knot in my stomach begins to loosen as I start listing things I am grateful for. I do this the minute my eyes open in the morning. That must be why being grateful for my warm bed is so often on my list!

Take action! If I am worried about something that I can and need to take action towards then the sooner I do it the better I feel. All of a sudden the worry leaves and in it’s place is accomplishment and focus.

Take time for quiet. It is essential for chronic worriers (and actually everyone) to allow themselves quiet time to relax and meditate. That may look like a peaceful walk in the spring air or listening to guided meditations or perhaps driving in silence to work. Allowing the mind to stop racing is strong medicine for a worrier’s life.


1.How much time are you wasting with worry?

2.Check in with your stomach several times a day. Do you have butterflies or a tight feeling?

3.Take one of the steps above and check in again. Does your stomach feel more relaxed?

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