Why, one Must?

‘Must’—this four syllable word holds enough optimism for an individual to be decisive and to develop a strong grit to achieve his or her desired goals. It inspires a person to implicate efforts and commitment for the work that must be done. This generates an ideology to give back to the community; and to ‘make a difference’.

There are almost 7.7 billion people in this world, of which only 1 per cent come up with an act that disrupts the customary practices initiating new trails for the upcoming buds. This ‘1 per cents’’ understand the significance of ‘must’ and commit themselves to provide the best of them for a better personal as well as societal future.

The need of such concept is much required in the current ever-evolving business world. With above ideology or thought, one can easily overcome the obstacles and penetrate the complex walls of a successful business management. Though some are still striving to create a difference, many have prevailed in achieving such stature in their respective sectors. Such avid leaders and entrepreneurs have proved themselves to wear the attire of success in less time period.

In this special issue entitled, “Inspiring Women Leaders Making a Difference, 2019”, CIO LOOK admire some exceptional women leaders and appreciate their contribution in the evolution of various industries that falls into their specialization. Equipped with unique ideologies and ‘must be done’ attitude, these women have immensely contributed in developing a stable structure in order to roll in the irregular paths of businesses.

Here is the cover featuring Anne Krog Iversen—Chief People, DNA & Culture Officer of TimeXtender. Her unorthodox belief on practicing mindfulness to strengthen one brain fitness, emotional intelligence, and mental and physical well-being, is helping many employees of various businesses. Prior joining TimeXtender, Anne was responsible for Human Resources and Marketing. Over period of her service at TimeXtender, she has played an instrumental role in growing the company globally and helping to attract more than 2600 customers throughout various regions. This edition describes more about her vision and her goals in upcoming future.

Let’s unveil such alike, inspiring interviews and stories of many such significant women business leaders in this special edition and spread a word about their contribution in making this world a better place. Also, flip through the CXO standpoints presented by some of the leading industry experts to taste the glimpse of industrial revolutions.

Enjoy the read.....

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