We are body mind spirit, and need to be aware of the whole person as we live our healthy lifestyles. Natural health practices put us in touch with some very potent ways of increasing our health and healing. Practices for our body include eating more nutrient-dense foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, and limiting those which are nutrient deficient, like snacks and processed foods. Also, drinking pure water, exercising regularly, rest, fresh air and sunshine helps the body. Adding the gentle methods of energy work and bodywork to any regime, and allowing for quiet time and introspection, are health-enhancing things we do for our mind. But there is something more to consider, and although these next items discussed are less tangible than the a fore mentioned practices, they may be the most important of them all.
Holistic health and healing speaks of a body mind spirit concept. Body mind spirit describes a system of spirit, energy, and matter that interacts in intricate ways to create the whole person. You are a network of energies both physical and non-physical; you are wonderfully made. There are many qualities of the spirit component that support us in our quest for health and healing. Three of them, discussed here, are: Intention, imagery and faith. These essentials can be powerful assets to you in leading your healthy lifestyle. Here is how they work
Your clear and focused intention harnesses power that you can unleash on any issue that threatens your health and wellbeing. Clear means being absent of worry, doubt and anxiety. Focused means sustained attention over a period of time. While this is easy to say, it is not always easy to do and takes practice.
Imagery means holding a certain thought, feeling and picture in mind, seeing it in detail and reveling in its completeness and desirability. It means creating and building an image of the health or healing you desire. Again, this is not always easy at first, but everyone can learn.
The faith spoken of here means putting a lot of feeling, excitement and expectancy – as well as belief – into realizing that the image you hold is being accomplished right now. There is nothing standing in its way; in fact, it is already done!
The mind plays a major role in the experience of life, including health and healing. Sometimes people unintentionally hold images in mind that support sickness rather than health. People often hold judgments, criticisms, and unloving thoughts about self and others. It is well documented that holding negative predisposes one to illness. Therefore, a large part of spiritual practices involves releasing negativity in the thoughts and feelings that occupy the mind. Fill the mind instead with images of what is desirable, what looks and feels good.
Each day, find a comfortable place to sit, relaxed and at ease. Spend a few minutes releasing tension from the body and restlessness from the mind. Let go of worry and doubt as you set the intention of being well. Affirm, I will be well. Begin to build an image of what it looks like and feels like to be well. Concentrate on building that image. Call forth associated feelings and accept this experience knowing that you are creating health from within. Try to stay with this meditation for 20 minutes. Repeat it daily. After each session, go about your day feeling as though your desire is accomplished. As best you can, go forth feeling good. This practice will considerably enhance your ability to be healthy and to heal.

Author's Bio: 

Rev. Dr. Carol Winkfield is a Natural Health Professional specializing in
Body Mind Spirit. She lectures and maintains a private practice:
The Natural Way. She is Pastor of New Light Temple Ministry. Contact her at drcarol@healingthenaturalway.com.