INTEGRITY, ISN'T IT TIME WE GET BACK TO IT by Expert World Renowned Clairvoyant Psychic Medium Dr. Rose Ann Schwab, PhD
In my life time a span of over 50 + years I have found it is truly essential to have not only integrity but ethics. I am truly grateful from my parents who have long since passed on, in instilling values of integrity, honesty and ethics into me. These three things, integrity, honesty and ethics have been my spring board to success. It is to say the least not easy to walk this path with the temptations all around me . It is even harder when you see so many individual who are scammers and frauds out there using the get rich schemes, ripping people off, cyber-squatting or infringing and still getting away with it. I have to look and live with myself. When I look at myself in the mirror every day I like who I see.
Being full of integrity, honesty and ethics is not a weakness to be put down or abused but a strength through courage that should be rewarded and applauded. Integrity, honest and ethics are hard work. They take years of doing , but still you will find at times difficultly walking the path. I found that people navigate to you and add to your success when you are living and using integrity.
It is only through integrity and ethics that we fully understand our role as leaders that we play. We become strong leaders and role models when we set the stage by using values of integrity, honesty and ethics not just in our own personal lives but in business and in the professional world today.
You will find that values such as integrity, honesty and ethics have fallen by the way side not only in our professional world and personal worlds but life in general today. It is unfortunate that today even in our legislature and government offices that "let's make a deal" is the norm and is not the exception. What happened to the values of integrity, honesty and ethics that had been instilled into each one of us and handed down from generation to generation. It is time that even our government officials and all of us get back to the true meaning of values. Don't give me that crap that you have to make a living and that is the way it is. That is not true. It wasn't this way before and it does not have to be this way by the majority now.
We cannot blame the economy, we cannot blame others. Values of integrity, honesty and ethics begin and end with each one of us. Just because someone else is getting away with it is no excuse. What has happen to us as society as a whole. Where has the true meaning of values in integrity, honesty and ethics gone. It is still right there, right in front of you. It is who you are. Isn't it time to get back to values that include integrity, honesty and ethics not only for our own sakes, but the sake of the planet and what we are doing to our own children.
If you chose to live a personal, business or both with no values, integrity, ethics or honesty than how do you expect our children to grow into decent adults and future leaders of our world. If we, I mean if I am ready to throw the towel in and allow my life to be dictated by those who could not give a rats ass about the true meaning of values instilling integrity, honesty and ethics in my life, than how can I expect others to do so.
Yes it makes me angry that individuals choose with their own free wills to take the easy path of temptation, but I also know that in God's plan and in time it will come back to them in the worst way. I guess because of the values my parents instilled in me and my faith in God I would not be the person I am today or successful. I am truly grateful for being given this chance in life and those of whom my life touches in a positive manner that they too pass it on, leaving a legacy of light and love based on the truth of integrity.

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Rose Ann Schwab PhD is one of the world’s top expert World Renowned Clairvoyant Psychic Mediums, Professionals and Business Consultants today. She is known, loved and used internationally for over 50 years. Rose has many specialized fields of expertise and experience through years of hard work and education. She founded Angelic Inspirations©™ and shares a free 300 page website packed full of information to the public at www.angelicinspirations.com. Angelic Inspirations is the official and orginal first use in 1962 that has been truly inspired by God and the Angels and in the work that is done through Rose. Rose uses her true God given gifts and abilities giving back to the world through her work and website that is angelically inspired.