From the moment you are born, two parts of you battle. It is the oldest struggle in creation. One part is the intellect and the other is our inner self, also known as the spirit or soul. The intellect's main job is to protect the body at all costs so an individual can function in this world. It does this by using the five senses of taste, smell, sight, hearing, and feeling. The intellect represents the physical side of you. The sixth sense, or your intuition, corresponds to the ethereal side of you, your spirit or soul. The spirit encompasses everything, whereas the intellect only covers your physical being. The intellect can die, however, the spirit lives on forever.

When you are born, the intellect takes control quickly. Satisfying one of your first basic urges when you enter the world, hunger, can provide a good reason for this phenomenon. When a request for food is made, the intellect, being a baby and new to the world, looks to the spirit to handle the situation.

However, since the spirit is connected to all things and knows it will always be part of the whole, it is secure without lunch. Essentially, the spirit says to the intellect, "Hey man, I have everything I need. I do not need food to live. You handle it, since you are so worried about it." The spirit defers the task to the intellect. The intellect, whose primary focus is to protect the body, takes the necessary action and by crying, obtains food for you. As this scenario repeats itself, it soon appears to your intellect that the spirit is totally useless and your intellect begins its rule.

However, the spirit is not absent. The spirit is just very secure with its continued existence. It is always present and sometimes sends messages out on its own, in the form of intuition, despite resistance from your intellect, which now thinks it is in control. Whether you find it beneficial to listen to the spirit is another matter.

We all have intuitive faculties. Some people call intuition a third eye because, instead of a voice, they actually can see things outside the five senses. It has been my experience that the more trials you encounter in your life, the more developed this third eye becomes. This is because when the intellect has reached its limits, due to some trauma or overload; it shuts down, allowing your intuition to work without resistance.

You may have endured adversity in your life. However, please consider that those trials may have been necessary in order for you to develop your spiritual being more fully and ascend to a higher level. In other words, your intellect is in a more likely position to defer to the spirit.

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