Imran Khan Niazi formerly known as Imran Khan is a famous figure in the political and cricket industry of Pakistan. He is a famous former cricketer, politician and philanthropist. He is the member of National Assembly of Pakistan and played a major role in Pakistan Movement of Justice. Before entering politics, he played for Pakistan International Cricket Team for around two decades. Currently, he is the Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Party, working since 25 April 1996. Imran joined National Assembly on 11 May 2013, preceded by Hanif Abbasi, a famous businessman and politician. In addition to this, Khan is also the Chancellor of University of Bradford. He is a writer also, his publication Pakistan: A Personal History is very famous among the natives of Pakistan. Check out some of the lesser-known and interesting facts about Imran Khan below in this post. Fans and followers of Imran can contact him at Imran Khan phone number.
Lesser Known Facts About Imran Khan
• Actual birth date of Imran is not cleared yet. In his national identity card, it is mentioned that he was born on 25 November, but Wikipedia claims that Imran’s birth date is 5 October 1952.
• Did anyone know what is the full name of Imran? Well, it is Ahmad Khan Niazi Imran. He never used this name in his entire carrer.
• He is the most successful Pakistani cricket team captain in the history of Pakistan cricket.
• His abilities led him up to the National Team. Even, he did not finish his academics at the time when he was selected.
• Professional career of Imran was started at the age of 16. In his first match, he played in Lahore team against Sarghodha.
• Imran was born in an upper-class family; his father is a landowner and civil engineer. He was raised along with his four sisters in Mianwali. Imran’s paternal family belongs to Niazi tribe.
• Once Imran broke his left arm while climbing a tree in school. After that, Imran faces certain troubles during his professional career in cricket also.
• Becoming a test cricketer is the dream of Imran. When Imran was just 9 years old, he dreamed of becoming a successful test cricketer.
• Imran studied at Royal Grammar School Worcester, England. Later, he attended Keble College, Oxford for the course of Politics & Economics and Philosophy.
• In 1995, Imran Khan married to Jemima Goldsmith, a famous British-Pakistani campaigner and journalist. Together they have two children.
• In 1990, Imran was selected as the best cricketer by Indian Cricket.
• Imran becomes the captain of Pakistan cricket team in 1982. In his entire captaincy career, he played 48 test matches and 139 ODIs.
• In President Elections of 2007, his protest against the elections put him in house arrest. However, this led him to get more popularity and public support.
• Imran Khan is also selected as the Asia’s Person of the Year in 2012. He won this contest with 88% votes.
• If you want to contact the former cricketer and politician, drop an email at Imran Khan email address.

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