Hypnosis is a powerful tool that has been around since the origin of man. It can help many people in many different kinds of circumstances, although due to the way it is conveyed by the book and film industry, people misunderstand its true purpose, or how safe it is; as long as it's being done by a trained professional, hypnosis can help people overcome varying issues.
Here are some of key facts you should know about hypnosis;

* Thoughts become reality - Believe it or not, whatever we think becomes reality. We have the capacity to program ourselves for what we become in the future. Therefore, one can become what one thinks

* Trance State - During the process, you stay in a trance state, which means you feel like daydreaming, but can hear and remember everything. It is a nice and pleasing feeling of letting go

* Explore hidden treasure - Hypnosis can be an effective way to obtain physical and mental health. It is a fact that the average human uses a mere 10% of the brain, but by practicing this method, you can open the gateway to the unseen treasure of our potent minds!

* Not a truth machine - Basically, a hypnotherapist just guides you a way to practice hypnosis. It's not a kind of lie detector or sodium pentothol, as TV and movies might have you believe!

* A perfect, natural anaesthesia - Hypnosis acts as an anaesthesia, which historically has been used during major operations and childbirth

What is self-hypnosis?
Today, many people are trying self-hypnosis, whereby a person hypnotizes themselves. This helps in increasing motivation, quitting addictions such as smoking, drinking and gambling. The main motive behind this practice is to understand how to control your body and mind.

Benefits of Self-Hypnosis

Self-Hypnosis comes with many benefits; here's how to go about it;

* Steady body - Before you start hypnosis makes sure your body is stable. To do so, take deep breaths until your body feels completely relaxed

* Visualise - A person can visualise any situation, according their own desire and interest. This is very important as when a person imagines a situation, it becomes easier to accept hypnotic suggestions.

* Submissions - During the time of visualisation, the exact and required submissions are inserted into the person's mind, by audibly speaking them

* Conclusion - Once the suggestion/submission period is over, now it's time for conclusion stage. At this point, the person gets back to their normal stage, and brain function goes back to normal. People experience a more relaxed body and a calmed mind after the session

This technique can provide relaxation against stress, anxiety, anger, insomnia and more. Not only this, but hypnosis is also very effective if you are dealing with, pain, fear, smoking, weight issues or you just want to improve your life.

Learning hypnosis is a major step if you want to choose it as a profession or just for your own self-hypnosis. Jas Bassi, a spiritual healer can help you in learning this process. Get in touch today for a relaxed body, mind and soul.

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Jas Bassi is an accredited spiritual healer with a sixth sense that is a psychic ability. She has discussed various ways of meditation, including benefits, spiritual healing and many more in her video blogs.