The popular adage says the pen is mightier than the sword. This has been proven to be true by many writers over the centuries. But sometimes the pen is a sword. A powerful wielders of this sword is Dr. Abeer Fahim. Dr. Abeer Fahim is a professor (currently an Assistant Professor at Abu Dhabi Polytechnic in the UAE), writer and inspirational speaker. But she is no ordinary woman. In fact, she is extraordinary in many ways.

Dr. Fahim: The Academic

Dr. Abeer Fahim is a powerful modern day influencer whose impact is felt around the world. In the world of academia she has built a powerful reputation as an expert in English and Literature. Her academic credentials include a bachelor’s degree in English, a Master’s degree in American Literature and a PhD in American Literature. She has addressed scholarly audiences in some of the world’s most prominent learning institutions such as Oxford and Harvard University, Dartmouth College and Durham University.  She also presented a very illuminating TedX talk entitled ‘Reading and the Narratives of Life’ that has been viewed by many people around the world.

Digital Platforms

Dr. Fahim’s digital presence and powerfully inspirational messages have won her the admiration and loyalty of people from all around the world. Her Instagram page has over 32,000 followers as people fall in love with her literary pieces daily.  On Facebook, her project “Juliet Turns the Page” has attracted over 147,000 followers. The page is dedicated to giving people hope and inspiration through poems and quotes— many of which are written by Dr. Fahim herself.

 Her novel Her Seven Days in Bali, which has received many positive reviews on Goodreads and Amazon has also attracted a thriving virtual book club.

Some of Dr. Abeer’s Poems are shared below:

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