If you plan on selling your artwork on the Internet, you'll need an e-commerce system to take the orders, process the orders, calculate the shipping and let you know where to send the items. E-commerce systems for the Internet are for familiarly called shopping carts. A good shopping cart system will do much more than just take orders. It will build a database of customers and market to them with newsletters and keep detailed records of every transaction. A good shopping cart system is worth it's weight in gold.
The shopping cart system I use is called KickStartCart. It does all of the things that most cheap carts cannot do. When people purchase over the web, credit cards are the most popular form of payment. You'll need a reliable shopping cart system to process these cards for your customers. KickStartCart will even calculate the shipping automatically and send an email confirmation of their order. You can use any number of credit card processing services and PayPal too. It is important to good customer service that you are armed with all the information you need to deliver your items on time and keep track of all of your records.
KickStartCart will create the "Buy Now" buttons with ease and you don't have to be an expert geek to figure it out. The cart will also create an "Opt-in" form so that people can easily sign up for a newsletter or free giveaway and you store the information on that prospect in the cart. You can then email all of your prospects at one time where you'll be for your next show. You can even make money referring the cart to others. For every cart you recommend to someone and they purchase, you'll get a 30% commission every month forever as long as they keep using the cart. This could be as much as $11 to $33 a month for each cart you sell depending on which version they choose.

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