Guido van Rossum creates Python. Guido van Rossum began executing Python in 1989. Python is an exceptionally straightforward programming language so regardless of whether you are new to programming, you can learn Python without facing any issues.

What is Python?
Python is a famous programming language. Guido van Rossum made it and released in 1991.
It is utilized for:
• Web improvement (server-side)
Software improvement
• Complex mathematics
• System scripting.

What would Python be able to do?
• Can be utilized on a server to make web applications.
• It can be used close by programming to make work processes.
• It can associate with database frameworks. It can likewise peruse and adjust documents.
• It can be used to deal with enormous information and perform complex arithmetic.
• It can be used for fast prototyping, or generation prepared programming improvement.


Why Python?
• Python takes a shot at various stages (Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and so forth).
• Python has a basic sentence structure like the English language.
• Python has a sentence structure that enables engineers to compose programs with fewer lines than some other programming dialects.
• Python keeps running on a translator framework, implying that code can be executed when it is written. This means that prototyping can be brisk.
• Python can be treated procedurally, Python Course in Bangalore an item orientated way or a practical way.

Python Syntax contrasted with other programming dialects
• Python was intended for meaningfulness and had a few similitudes to the English language with impact from arithmetic.
• Python utilizes new lines to finish an order, rather than other programming dialects which regularly use semicolons or enclosures.

Features of Python programming language
1. Readable: Python is a genuinely plain language.
2. Simple to Learn: Learning python is pure as this is an expressive and abnormal state programming language, which implies it is straightforward the language and along these lines simple to learn.
3. Advanced features: Supports generators and rundown understandings. We will cover these highlights later.
4. Free: Python is allowed to download and utilize. This implies you can download it for nothing and use it in your application. See Open Source Python License. Python is a case of a FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software), Python Training in Bangalore which implies you can unreservedly circulate duplicates of this product, read its source code and change it.
5. Cross-platform: Python is accessible and can keep running on different working frameworks, for example, Mac, Windows, Linux, UNIX and so forth. This makes it across stage and versatile language.
6. Large standard library: Python accompanies a vast standard library that has some helpful codes and capacities which we can utilize while composing code in Python.
7. Open Source: Python is an open source programming language.
8. Automatic memory management: Python underpins programmed memory the executives which imply tableau training in Bangalore the memory is cleared and liberated naturally. You don't need to try making the mind.
9. Supports exception handling: If you are new, you may ponder what a particular case is. A specific example is an occasion that can happen amid program exemption and can upset the normal progression of the program. Python bolsters particular case taking care of which implies we can compose less blunder inclined code and can test different situations that can cause an exemption later on.

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