The growing popularity of forex trading, makes many people compete to invest in this field. You will also easily find a variety of guides for beginners. One important thing that needs to be learned is to know the type of forex trading: manual and automatic.
In manual trade, human power dominates the signal recognition process, delivering information, and deciding on sales or purchases. The flexibility is clear and really follows the price movements that occurred at that time. When a situation that might be unfavorable occurs, the trader can correct it, thereby reducing losses. However, all still depend on the psychological factor of the trader. Coupled with the need to sit for hours in front of a computer screen, it is not impossible that there is a gap to make mistakes.
This is what forex robots can fill through trading automatically. To be able to understand it, let's look at the following explanation.
Forex robot is a computer program designed based on a series of forex signals to help humans in making transactions in the futures market. This program is also known as an expert advisor (EA). Its presence is deliberately designed to remove the psychological element in trading, which has the potential to harm.
This software is usually installed on a trader's computer and can be activated directly even if you do not give orders to buy or sell. When you decide to use an expert advisor, the scripting factor will be more dominant. Carrying peer 2 peer trading or autopilot systems, trading signals are available and traders simply decide which steps to take in trading.
Ways of working
As mentioned above, the forex robot produces trading signals, for buying/selling, and managing to trade. The main thing is, of course, the target setting when you want to use this automatic system. Then activate EA by using MetaTrader. The system will be connected directly with every detail of market price data interactively. This software allows a trader to respond to prices that apply to the forex market and decide the execution automatically. In other words, this tool works by itself without the touch of a human hand.

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