Intuition is the part of yourself that is presented to guide and assist you. It is a call from within you to be listened to and believed. It is the truth of who you are reaching forward to be heard. Intuition plays many roles in its type of assistance, from small choices to important moments in our lives. If we choose to listen, we are reaching into our higher selves to connect and be heard. With the ability to follow ourselves, to do what is right for our being, we allow ourselves to become who we are fully. It is one step, an important one, into self-realization and inner peace. For if we follow ourselves, our intuition, we are then allowing ourselves to be guided on our true path in life.
You can see that if we choose to ignore these feelings or not to connect at all, you are leaving yourself, your true self, out of your own life. With the presence of mind to be aware of your feelings and thoughts, no matter how small, you allow yourself to see through what matters for you at that exact moment. Yes there are many levels of your own guidance, your intuition, just as there are many levels of choices and desires in your life. Have you ever had a moment strike you so hard it stopped you in your tracks and caused you to change direction? If that was something you listened to because it was so strong, then you were shown a better place or place to take.

Those moments that overpower us are important for they seek to keep us in the moment and aware. When you come to the point that you truly listen to yourself, it really opens up so many doors and pathways. It can show you options you are meant to see and understand that you otherwise would have missed. It is allowing yourself to become connected to everything and thereby truly connected to yourself.

We can show ourselves what we need to see and who we are meant to be for each moment we are in. Notice when you hesitate or reach for something or someone you normally wouldn’t. Pay attention to when you feel strongly about something. Be aware of your choices and seek out where they are coming from. You could be leading yourself in moments you are not even aware of. Hear the desire, feel the pull, and listen to what feels right. When you choose to be open to this, to yourself, you can become the version of yourself you are meant to be. You will find your life shifting for you are becoming what you are meant to be.

Small moments can change us, because where they can lead is endless. The possibilities of paying attention and listening to ourselves has the capability of changing our lives. There is no reason not to change or accept what we are meant for, who we are. By allowing ourselves to be guided by our own intuition we seek to better who we are, to say yes to our own life.

Believe in yourself by listening to what feels strongest, even the smallest desire or pull, could change the course of your life. By listening to the small clues or messages you feel it then becomes easier to trust the bigger ones, the moments you take seriously. Do not leave this important tool out of your life, for it seeks constantly to connect with you. Intuition is always guiding you. It just depends on how open you are to hearing it.

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Adam Benedetto and Zoe Young are both dedicated to enabling others to reach their full potential in life, to help others release what is holding them back, and to find their true selves. Through years of experience and development, both have sought out the answers we all need to find peace, understand ourselves, and reach enlightenment.
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