The more open we are to our intuitive-creative flow, the easier it is to manifest positive change in our lives. Most of us on the spiritual growth path are aware of this fact; however, all too often, we find ourselves busy and in autopilot mode. The next thing we know: we are in a rut and feeling frustrated. Here is a kind reminder to anyone to needs it.

We are more fluid and allowing when we are in tune with our whole self ~ mind, body, spirit, energy. Energy is our natural life force also referred to as Chi, Ki, Prana, and Huna. When the energy is freely flowing through us, we have greater awareness and our intuitive ability increases.

When we are stressed, we often get caught up in compartmentalizing ourselves—operating from the left-brain and over-thinking. This stressed state shuts down our intuitive flow and creativity. In this state, we are usually breathing shallowly, and we are diminishing the natural flow of life force energy through our bodies. This condition is no different than having a kink in our garden hose and expecting water to flow. The lack of flow inhibits us and creates roadblocks to manifesting our desires.

Hypnosis, energy healing techniques, meditation, and deep breathing exercises are among a long list of modalities that bring deep relaxation to the body and mind. The relaxation creates openings in us that allow not only greater flow of life force energy but also expanded flow of our intuition. Additionally, the relaxation allows the "critical, judgmental, rational" conscious mind to chill-out, so to speak. When the conscious mind is relaxed, the subconscious mind, the "creative, intuitive, allowing and open" part, is free to fully function to our benefit. Accessing the subconscious mind and allowing the right brain to participate in directing our circumstances, we are able to feel the sensations related to the real or imagined arrival of our happy manifestations. Getting to that place of feeling, or emotion, (as if we've actually received what we want) is key in the manifestation process.
The subconscious mind is better able to imagine, when the brain is in a relaxed state, somewhere between sleeping and being awake. This deep state of relaxation is called theta, where the intuitive-creative mind is free and fully operational. In this condition, we are, quite literally, miracle workers.

You see, the subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between imagination and what is real. The intuition, flowing freely within our subconscious mind, is our connection to our highest, wisest self and does not judge. The intuition simply creates and informs. What it imagines easily becomes real.

Being connected to the whole self requires regular practice. Keep your energy and intuition flowing. Fine-tuning your intuition and integrating mind, body, spirit, and energy is like having the combination to every lock on every door you want to open. Whether you want a better job, more money, to increase self-confidence, to improve your golf game, to attract a great relationship, or to eliminate stress or fear, all is possible.

Remember, the water flows when you get the kinks out of your hose!

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Dr. Catherine P. Perry, M.Ed, DD is a psychotherapist-turned-spiritual healer, intuitive, and author of Courageous Wake. For more information, visit