Have you ever noticed that depending from what vantage point you are looking at something, it appears differently? For instance, have you noticed that when pictures of earth are taken from far out in space that you cannot see most things that actually exist on earth?

The surface of the earth appears smooth, yet, in reality, wide-ranging texture covers the earth's surface in the form of mountains, hills, valleys, rivers and lakes. When you move in closer, you see other details, such as houses, streets, and people. Looking deeper, you discover even more: from something as small as an ant to microscopic organisms, such as bacteria.

Many things, not seen in the physical world, have been scientifically proven to exist. These include sound waves, gamma rays and x-rays, to name a few. As you can see, depending on your position in getting a good view, you can overlook much.

From this evidence, could you concede there are things that exist in the universe that go beyond your physical sight? Could intuition be one such thing? What do you know about intuition? Does it exist and, if it does, what is it? To help you understand, please consider the following:


  • Word is derived from the Latin word intueri, meaning:
    • To look inside oneself; or
    • Contemplate.
  • Webster's dictionary provides the following additional definitions:
    • Direct understanding without reasoning; or
    • An immediate and instinctive knowledge of a truth.


  • Word is derived from the Latin word instinctus, meaning:
    • inspiration;
    • the act of drawing in a breath;
    • to excite to action;
    • to awaken; or
    • urge forward.
  • Webster's dictionary provides the following additional definitions:
    • Urged from within;
    • Inborn impulse or propensity;
    • Unconscious skill; or
    • Full, which has additional meanings of:
      • Showing the whole surface;
      • Complete; or
      • Highest degree.

Pondering the following statement as quoted by a shaman named Charles Crooks, ."We are all part of the whole and not separate," you can make a direct correlation with intuition. For instance, we can determine from the above definitions that intuition is a direct understanding, one derived by looking inside, the act of drawing a breath, an awakening or urging forward, and is complete and part of the whole.

Does this not describe our connection with the spirit of God? Might intuition actually be a direct message from the spirit, dwelling within our breath, promoting us to awaken to our highest potential?

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