Intuitive decision making is the way of the future. Intuitive decision making is direct knowing without conscious reasoning. The mind is a wonderful tool for analyzing. Our intuition is a wonderful tool for knowing. In the natural evolution of man we move from instinct to intuition.

Meditation is the gateway to open the door to your intuition. When your mind is still and clear it is easy to recognize your intuition, your inner knowing.

To quiet the mind, simply focus on your breathing. Focus on your in-breath; focus on your out-breath. Continue to focus on each in-breath and each out-breath. You will notice how easy it is to keep your focus on your breathing and any thoughts will simply drift away. Now your mind is tranquil, calm and at peace.

Your intuition will always guide you. Your intuition will help you make the right decision for you in the moment. Ask yourself a question, and then listen. Be still. Focus on your breath. Prayer is for asking, meditation is for listening.

Do you remember a time when you knew something, without the effort of thinking, rationalizing or reasoning? We have all had that experience. You know when you know. You just know. You have a feeling of certainty within you. It feels right, you may not understand why, it just feels right. That’s your intuition.

Some qualities of intuition are:
- Will always be for your highest good and the good of the group/community/humanity
- Connects you with the Universal Mind and divine guidance, inspiration, ideas
- Is omnipresent, timeless, always present, always available
- Guide to help solve world/community/group problems
- Connection and connectedness
- Will never harm or hurt you
- Inner Certainty in Silence
- Is not judgmental
- Illumination within

Is it your chatter mind or intuition? If you are not sure take a deep breath in and focus on your breath. Your mind will all of a sudden be quiet. Energy follows awareness. When you focus on your breath that’s where the energy will flow. When you don’t pay attention to your thoughts, they are simply not there. Now listen and notice what you are feeling or hearing or sensing deep within, trusting your intuition.

How do you know it’s your intuition? A feeling of certainty from deep within. You have not thought about it and come to a rational conclusion. That’s thinking. When you trust your intuition you just know. You have inner knowing and certainty.

Everyday life seems to be speeding up. There is only so much the mind can process in any given time. It’s time to take a deep breath and let go of our thinking mind and trust our intuition that is always there, always on tap, to guide you with intuitive decision making.

What do I do now? Take a deep breath in and out, focus on the breath, relax, the mind is now clear for you to listen for the answer. Notice that feeling of certainty and strong inner knowing.
Who do I need to ask or see? Take a deep breath in and out, focus on your breath, relax, still the mind now listen for the answer. Stop, stay still and listen. Now you can make an intuitive decision.

If you are not sure ask a simple question that requires either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ as the answer and ask yourself that question. Do you feel more certain about ‘Yes’ or ‘No’? Trust your intuition. Trust whatever answer comes to you with certainty.

Intuitive decision making is making a decision guided by your deep inner knowing, your intuition instead of thinking and using the rational mind.

Intuitive decision making is living life trusting your soul, your inner certainty, your inner guidance.
Trusting your intuition will always be for your highest good and for your soul evolution.

You will grow in confidence as you trust your intuition and live in the moment knowing that absolutely everything you need to know is within you, right now. Simply still the mind and cultivate your meditation practice. Meditation is the gateway to your soul. Meditation is the gateway to inner certainty, eternal joy, love and compassion. Meditation is the gift you give yourself to come home to yourself and trust your inner knowing. Deep stillness meditation is powerful and grows your intuitive ability. The longer you can still the mind, the easier it is to recognize your intuition.

Intuitive decision making is certainly the way of the future.

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The Silva Intuition System is a powerful program designed to heighten your intuition in order to make the right decisions, follow your destiny and passions, and bring out your inner compass. While conventional science will have us believe that we are limited to the 5 senses, there is one sense that has been left hidden for many people and that is your intuition