Mobile app development has become the need of every business in this era. You have to move your businesses on a mobile platform in order to gain more customers. You get more perks and benefits from the mobile app development for your business --- more profit, less communication with customers, revenue from google ads, etc.

There are two types of mobile app development--- android and iOS. The best thing is to make your mobile app compatible with both platforms. But if you have to choose between Android and iOS, you will face difficulty in it.
use each has its pros and cons. Let’s have a brief look at the pros and cons of each platform:

Benefits and Limitations of Android Apps

Benefits of Android app

● You can release an MVP of the product in a minimum time period.
● You can get access to a wide range of audiences through android apps.
● These kinds of apps are easy to develop.
● You can bring a unique functionality of the app to a specific industry through the android app.

Limitations of Android app

● It is possible to use third-party apps on Android; it can harm your apps.
● Developers often fail to produce an app that perfectly runs on every device.
● It does not have great optimization for the apps.
● Device fragmentation is a key point in apps, it is difficult to provide the best interface on every screen size.

Benefits and Limitations of iOS Apps

There are few benefits of iOS apps that make them different from Android apps. Following are some benefits and limitations of iOS apps.

Benefits of iOS App

● Apple devices are mostly connected with premium products. They allow you to connect people with excellent markets.
● It is easier to develop iOS apps because you have to make it for once hardware and software.
● iOS apps have the greatest user experience because they do more focus on the UI.
● The iOS apps are free from bugs and it increases the performance of the apps.

Limitations of Android App

● It is difficult to create an MVP of the iOS apps.
● Your app is only released on the store when it is approved by Apple. It makes it slower and time-consuming.
● If Apple does not pass your app due to some reason, you will lose your time, money, and resources.
● There must be the best quality of the app for acceptance by Apple.

Comparison of iOS and Android

Since both the platforms are different and they have different perks and benefits, we can oversee the different aspects of each platform.

● Reliability for Future

There are almost 5 billion Android devices launch every year and they have 74.4% of the global market share. It ensures that Android app development has a bright future.
On the other hand, iOS apps are getting cheaper and gaining more popularity due to high performance. They have no bugs and maintained apps before launching. Both platforms will stay for longer in the future.

● Target Audience

The success rate of the Android app is more in the areas of the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and China. They mostly use android mobiles and android mobiles are also manufactured in these regions. Statistics say that android apps are more successful in medical or technical fields.
The USA, United Kingdom, and European region mostly use iPhones because they manufactured iPhones rather than Androids. iOS apps are more successful in this region because business professionals, managers, and sales experts use these apps for their business.

● Revenue

Android apps are generating more revenue because they are free of cost and it does not take any additional charges for extra features. While iOS apps are paid and people tend to spend money on the extra features of the apps --- a great source of revenue. According to a survey, iOS apps are generating $60 billion for the paid products. In this race, they are both generating a high amount of revenue.

● Budget for Development

Android has many languages when it comes to custom mobile app development. They use different frameworks of JavaScript to make mobile apps. The experts of different languages have different prices of apps. The most commonly used frameworks of JavaScript are React, Nodejs, and Laravel. This process of development requires more budget because every process needs a huge amount of money.
iOS requires less budget because iOS use Swift language to make mobile apps. This language is more convenient and efficient for mobile apps. In this way, it is a less expensive development process.

● Deadlines

Android app development is a long process and it takes more time to develop. The deadlines of this process must be flexible. Every step takes proper time for completion.
iOS development takes less time because every it uses all the information in a standardized way to make a well-functioning app.

● Maintenance

Android apps are using older versions of operating systems. As the result, more than 50% of Android devices are running with outdated versions. It can create bugs and crashes in newly developed apps.
iOS apps are not launched until they don’t pass from Apple. If an iOS app has some bugs and technical issues, Apple will not pass it. So, this development has less maintenance as compared to Android apps.

Publishing on App Store

When you publish your app on the Android app store, they will accept most of the apps, and the rejection rate is low. If a person makes an app with some changes in the app, the android store will accept its app. The process of reviewing the app is a bit slower but your app will be accepted in the store. This platform is more accessible for a mobile app development company.

In the contrast, the Apple App Store is stricter in this field. It does not allow any older app or an app with bugs and crashes to publish on the store. Their review system of the Apple store is quicker than the Android app store. It takes more than 2 days to review an app. The rejection rate is higher on this platform.


When do you start making an app, what platform you would decide on? iOS or Android? You have to consider the following factors while making an app:

● Your target audience
● Requirements
● Time and budget
● Location of the app
● The interface of the app

If you will have proper information about mobile app development services, you can pick the best platform for your dream app. Both Android and iOS apps have their own perks and benefits, so choose the best one for you. When you are successful in one platform, you can move your app to the iOS platform as well.

I hope you have understood all the aspects of Android Vs iOS. If you have any queries about app development, you can ask our development team for further details.

Author's Bio: 

Justin Mark is a digital marketing specialist working in one of the reputed mobile application development company. He has helped several brands grow from nothing to a successful name in the past few years. He believes smart work and business values go a long way when it comes to success.