The decision of how to finance your college education could be difficult or even complicated. When you're faced with a plethora of financial aid applications and forms, it's easy to be overwhelmed.

There are many options to finance your education. Grants and scholarships are plentiful throughout the entire state of Iowa. They are completely no cost, with no repayment obligations and considerably less costly for college.

The funding options for CampusReel scholarships

education that are that are listed below are intended exclusively for Iowa residents. Looking for other grants or scholarships could lead to otheropportunities nationwide too.

This financial assistance scholarship offers an amount of up to one year of tuition and fees in an approved Iowa Regents University, and up to two years' worth of tuition and fees at an accredited community college in the state. The criteria for this scholarship are the following:

Financial need
Completed FAFSA application, which is available on this page.
You must be enrolled in a minimum of 3 credits per term.
GPA of at or below 2.5 and higher GPA preferred
Resident of Iowa
You can enter college in 2 years following your high school graduation
Southeastern Community College Foundation

It is the Southeastern Community College Foundation of Iowa proudly offers more than 400 scholarships each year to or returning students who are planning to further their education. The funds awarded to students can be used towards a range of on-campus courses, vocational classes, as well as arts & Sciences (to be transferred to an institution that is 4-year).

The Foundation provides 108 distinct grants and scholarships each with their specific qualification. In general, the requirements are based on the program or degree the funds are meant to support. Certain have no requirements but they all limit the funding to students currently enrolled in the program.

General Conditions for this scholarship comprise the following:

Returning, incoming or former student at Southeastern Community College
For more information on the various funding opportunities as well as to make an application to a scholarship visit this page:

Southeastern Community College

It is the Iowa Grant

The Iowa Grant helps low income students pay for college tuition. Students at communities colleges and independent universities , colleges, as well as Regent Universities are eligible. The maximum amount of $1,000 per year is awarded for up to four years. Because funding for this grant is provided by Federal government funds, those who have the greatest need for financial aid will be given the top priority.

The grant's requirements include the following:

The current enrollment is in an accredited college or university of higher education in the State of Iowa
Iowa resident
Completion of FAFSA Application, available here.
Financial need
Iowa National Guard Educational Assistance Program (NGEAP)

Active members from the National Guard who attend an approved Iowa institutions and colleges may be awarded a maximum of $2,680 towards tuition, not exceeding the institution-specific tuition costs. The grants can be renewed each year by submitting a new application by the deadline. The criteria for eligibility to this grant is the following

Resident of Iowa
The training is completed to the satisfaction of the client. National Guard training
The Satisfactory Guard's duty performance is satisfactory.
Active and current active member in the Iowa-based National Guard unit
Maintain a satisfactory academic level
Incorporate and pursue an academic degree, certificate or undergraduate program at an approved Iowa college or university
The complete FAFSA applications, available here.
If you want to be considered for this award, follow this link.

Applications for the hardcopy version of applications for the Iowa National Guard Grant can be submitted via mail however, they must be returned by the relevant Guard unit. The application must be received by Educational Services offices by the due date for applications. To request a copy in hardcopy send a letter at the address below:

The Iowa Centennial Memorial Foundation, established in 1949 by Governor. Robert D. Blue, offers scholarships to college students who show the ability to read and write and demonstrate personal qualities such as cooperation as well as courage and honesty and have a good moral character. The amount and the number of awards are determined annually because the funding for the award is made from interest earned. The funds are available to incoming students, as well as ongoing college students.

To be eligible to be considered for the scholarship applicants need to provide the following details:

Tax return current for parents (if they are dependent) or you and/or your spouse (if self-employed)
Evidence of current acceptance or continuing to an institution of higher education
A letter from your university or college financial aid office, indicating any other awards or grants you've received or plan to be awarded (if appropriate)
Two Letters of recommendations from reputable individuals in your community (other than family members) They are familiar with you and confirm your quality of life. Include contact information and telephone number.
A completely original essay, 500 or more words that focuses on an individual who is respected within the community, who is not your relative, who has always demonstrated the qualities of an ethical citizen. The essay should describe the things this person has done or is continuing to do in order to help the community in which they live. Grammar, spelling sentence structure, sentence structure and overall flow are all essential.
The awards to the Robert D. Blue scholarship are highly competitive. The applicants are evaluated based the personal recommendations, an essay financial need, the GPA of high school. Alongside the requirements for application, criteria for this scholarship include the following:

Good GPA in high school (at at 2.5 on an 4.0 scale)
Financial need
The application process is exclusively online. If you are interested in applying for the scholarship, visit this hyperlink
Dale Schroeder Charitable Trust Scholarship Program

Dale Schroeder scholarship Dale Schroeder scholarship awards a maximum of $15,000 annually and for a maximum period of three years. Although there is no set amount of awards, competition for them is intense. The scholarships are given to those who are employed or have a positive financial background; are regularly involved in activities that are community-based or volunteer-oriented and demonstrate the ability to lead, academic excellence as well as school-related participation. The funds must be used to pay for the cost of tuition and fees for undergraduates.

The criteria for eligibility for this award include the following:

Students who graduate from high school with at least a 2.5 (or more) GPA
Resident of Iowa
You can live in a tiny community that has not more than 10,000 residents
Presently I am enrolled in a bachelor's program.
Participating in any of these accredited institutions: University of Northern Iowa, University of Iowa, Iowa State University
An online application that is completed
A pair of recommendations. One coming from an official at your school in recent years who has a positive opinion of your academic ability, character and leadership capabilities. The second recommendation should be from an influential person in your local community like a clergy member or law enforcement agency, or city official who can affirm your character and your involvement within the community.
For more information about this award, visit the following website:

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