Most schools around here are back in session at this point. Finding balance in life may seem like a pipe dream for many. I see the harried expressions of moms as they drive their kids here, there, and everywhere. My foot was the victim of a grocery cart incident as a mother was rushing around with a screaming child trying to finish her shopping as quickly as possible. I get it. But does life REALLY have to be this way?

I say “no”! Do you honestly think that kind of lifestyle is what you were designed for? Is that good for you physically? How intimate can your relationships be if you don’t have time to invest in them?

Finding balance in life is not a myth! It is possible. You just have to change how you look at it. I came across a great quote by Joyce Meyer in her book, I Dare You. I think it points us to the truth about balance in life. She said, “Perhaps if we did less, we could do more with excellence.” Hmmm…… I don’t know about you, but quality has always been more important to me than quantity.

When I read that, it rang so true for me. How many of us feel tugged in a thousand directions? I hear moms brag all the time about what excellent multi-taskers they are. My come back though, is to follow up with asking how well they’re really doing anything. Just because you do a lot doesn’t mean it’s done well!

I’d like you to look at this quote in the context of your relationships. Think of those people who mean the most to you. Are you letting menial activities get in the way of you investing in an excellent way in those relationships? Are you giving your kids your best? Or are you ½ listening to their stories as you “multi-task”? Are you showing your husband he’s important or are you too exhausted from everything you’ve done that day, to really focus on him?
Believe me; I know there’s a lot to get done. But I challenge you to take a hard look at your “to do” list.

•What can go?
•What feels essential but, if you’re honest with yourself, are only things you do because you are trying to impress or avoid being judged?
•What can be delegated to someone else?
•What changes can be made to have more room for those relationships that really are important?

These are hard questions. But need to be looked at if you’re going to have any hope of balance in life moving forward. Don’t just breeze through them. Really think them through and then make your plan. Good luck! I know you can do it.

I invite you to share what you came up with below.

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