A tolerant nation in the world, the UAE welcomes individuals from all over the world from all faiths and cultures. So, it might be most common question that whether UAE supports interfaith marriages? What would the UAE law say about such a marriage? Therefore, before going into further details, let's read the following law;

“According to Federal Law No. 28 of 2005 on Personal Status, marriage is a legal contract that protects and forms a stable family (Article 19)”.

A marriage would, however, be permitted only upon meeting certain conditions stipulated by the Personal Status Law.

The following are listed:

1. Marriage must be approved by the bride.
2. Both parties must be UAE residents. Dubai, however, requires that at least one spouse has a residence visa.
3. Pre-marital screening should be conducted which must be issued by the UAE's public healthcare facility.

Is It Legal in Dubai to Marry an Interfaith Couple?

The possibility of interfaith marriage in Dubai is more common than you might think. If we give answer in short the answer will be yes! In the UAE, interfaith marriages can be registered even if you are not a Muslim. However, there may be differences in rules and processes.

The UAE is home to expat weddings; some aim to have an interfaith union (between expats of different faiths), while others follow the traditions of their particular faith both kinds of marriages are equally respected under marriage law of UAE. The process of registering a marriage in the UAE is determined by the bride and groom's nationality and religion.

Most marriages between non-Muslims take place in the respective embassies or religious places of either the bride or groom. For non-Muslims (expats) who are wishing to register interfaith marriages, they can contact their consulate/embassy in Dubai. Additionally, you can consult a Dubai marriage lawyer to help you register and resolve any legal complications.

Emirates' Legal Requirements for Interfaith Marriages

• There must be a UAE resident among the parties. In the meantime, the other spouse must have valid permission to remain in the country.
Marriage is permitted between men and women when they are at least 18 years old. There must be no more than double the age difference between the bride and groom. In the case of couples under the age of 18, approval must be obtained from the Chief Justice of the Personal Status Court.
• The couple should be of the legal age to get married in their country of residence.
• During the ceremony and registration, two male witnesses must be present. Depending on the bride and groom's nationality, it may vary.
• A government-certified facility must perform a premarital health check and issue fitness certificates to both couples.


In Dubai, interfaith marriage is permitted. If you are planning an interfaith wedding in Dubai, you should consult a family lawyer. The presence of family lawyers in Dubai or other legal expert is essential if you are planning an interfaith wedding since there will likely be a lot of legal documentation involved.

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