The dark cloak, the top hat, the intense've seen it many times, the mysterious hypnotist as they approach their subject to make them obey their every command. Dark, sinister...and not even close to reality! When I tell people that I'm a hypnotist, I get a wide range of responses, from the excited to that of complete rejection.

The most extreme response: I have family members and others that won't speak to me because their religion dictates to them that hypnostism is "from the Devil". Now, I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I can't help but hear Bobby Boucher's mama from the movie "The Waterboy" when I'm told that...and snicker a little inside.

Then, there are the people that believe hypnotism is all fake. That the people you may have seen during stage hypnosis are paid to act like they are following the hypnotists suggestions.

There are those that have never experienced hypnosis, but believe in it because they know someone that couldn't stop smoking, but went to a hypnotist 20 years ago, and haven't smoked since. Or, some similar story.

Lastly, there is the group that not only believe in hypnosis, but have experienced it for themselves.

What I would like for you to fully consider is the possibility that hypnosis is real and the potential it opens up for you.

All of us, whether we are Hispanic, African American, Caucasian, Asian, or any other race or ethnicity, have grown up with limiting beliefs instilled within us. Every culture has their own unique set of limiting beliefs, and some limiting beliefs are part of all cultures. We all have grown up with, and also have had as a part of adulthood, a variety of hurts, habits, and hang-ups. Unless you are one of the few individuals that uniquely overcomes these, then you will hold onto them until your last breath. If you do hold onto these until your last breath, then you will be like most of the people in the world. If being like most of the people in the world is alright with you, then you don't need to read any further, as it will be a waste of your time. If you want to live life to the fullest, then please continue.

You may be asking like "The Joker" asked in the movie "The Dark Knight", "Why so serious?!" The serious part of hypnosis is that it is life-changing. Let me give you a few examples:
•A person stops smoking and adds, not only years of life, but quality-of-life and is able to 'be there' for their spouse, their children and grandchildren.
•A person stops writhing in pain every day due to cancer treatments, cancer itself, fibromialgia, migraine headaches, or for no apparent reason and is able to live life without pain. They are able to function as a normal human being again.
•A person becomes self-confident and is able to perform sexually, make quick, solid decisions, and reach their full potential in their career and financially.
•A person removes the beliefs that have limited them in life and now sees all of the open doors that have been put before them. They now discover the meaning and purpose of their life

But, that's all too serious to be fun, right? No way!

This all opens the doors for you to have more fun in life than ever before. In fact, when I work with people, laughter and fun is part of the work I do with my them! Fully consider it, what is the best way to become resouceful? When you're uptight and stressed? Or, when you're relaxed and having fun? When you're in this state of relaxation and fun, then you will find the resources to create the life you dream of!

No matter what people come to me for, I always give them a gift, a benediction, of happiness. At the end of every session, the people I work with walk out like they are walking on a cloud, excited about the rest of the day and excited in anticipation of what life is going to offer them next. For most, this is a new feeling that fills their mind and body that they have never experienced to this degree before meeting with me.

Whatever your current perception of hypnosis is, I invite you to discover it more fully. The more you understand my use of hypnosis and you...see how it aligns with your values and goals...the more you'll want to contact me to experience it yourself!

Creating life in forward motion,

Dr. Edward Lewellen

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Dr. Edward Lewellen has over 30 years of experience helping others to reach their goals and full potential. He is doing this for corporations, not-for-profits, religious organizations, as well as families and individuals.

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